1997 Fiat Brava S 1.4 from Serbia


Really good car for cheap money


Everything is in very good condition so far, except there is necessary to change oil, oil and air filter and such expendable things.

General Comments:

It runs great, great comfort comparing with other cars in the same class and year of manufacture. Italians did really nice job. I hope that Fiat Stilo has more better capabilities than Fiat Brava. Nice work Fiat!

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Review Date: 4th February, 2003

1997 Fiat Brava S 1.4 from UK and Ireland


An absolute joke and waste of money


First the ECU went. Luckily this was repaired under warranty through the company I had bought the car from. Otherwise it would have cost me over £500. The work was done at a Fiat main dealer which took them two weeks more than agreed. The car never ran correctly afterward's and even though it was returned three times it was never right.

Then the engine went. The cause was oil not getting through to the camshaft. I have since found out that this is a regular problem and is caused by the transfer hole not being big enough. Apparently Fiat are aware of this problem, but deny it and fail to do anything about it. Fiat quoted the repair at £1500.

Luckily I had bought the car on finance and they agreed to take it back as I had paid half.

General Comments:

This car is worse than throwing money down the drain.

The service from the Fiat dealership as well as the head office was totally pathetic.

I would advise anyone to stay clear of this model and of Fiat as a whole for the way they treat customers.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2002

28th Mar 2004, 02:22

My Fiat Brava just had to same problem. No oil getting to the cam.{1000 euros to repair}. Caught it before blowing the engine.

1997 Fiat Brava S 1.4 12v from UK and Ireland


A well priced middle sized car!!


Fuel gauge broke.

General Comments:

I have had this car two years and I serviced it once. I drive this car hard and only service it if I absolutely have to. It is not a sports car, but that's not what you bought it for. Its large interior, and comfortable ride makes it a good car. Dealers, forget it.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2002

17th Dec 2003, 11:33

I, ve just got a brava 1.4 s the person who owned it be for me must have had the same problem as i, ve only had the thing 3 weeks and I'm having to have the whole of the top end of the engine replaced at a cost to me of £920. so I'm hoping no praying that it will be OK :}

1997 Fiat Brava SX 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Excellent value for money


See comments.

General Comments:

I highly neglected my car. For 3 years I did not service it. No oil change, spark plugs and other very essential services. I changed the battery once, because I did not close the glove compartment door properly and went on holidays for 2 weeks. The battery was completely discharged.

I changed the front brake pads approximately 4 times.

But I recently paid for my negligence: The timing belt snapped. The cost? £940.00 and the mechanic is a friend of mine.

Apart from that it has been an absolute pleasure. I made 2 trips to Portugal during summer seasons and that was around 4000 miles each trip. The car responded beautifully. No complaints, the temp gauge kept well below normal and most of the driving was done at 100 MPH.

At this precise moment only one problem: The computer chip in the radio head unit is gone and a tape cassette is stuck inside. It will probably be cheaper to buy a new unit.

The car is excellent value for money, and if serviced regularly by a competent mechanic, there shouldn't be any problems.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2001

1997 Fiat Brava SX 1.6 DOHC petrol from UK and Ireland


A wasted opportunity, but a cheap used car


Power-steering rack spewed oil from one end, replaced at 10 months old.

Stereo unit began playing cassettes at high speed, sounded like 'pinky & perky', replaced at 11 months old. Radio reception is now dreadful & tapes tend to get stuck.

Front offside window stuck open, trim was replaced at 11 months.

Sunroof sounding like a demented budgie when closed, caused by pop-up wind deflector rubbing against glass panel, no cure found yet.

Drivers seat sounding like a demented mouse, seat height adjuster mechanism seems likely cause, comes and goes much like the sunroof noise!

Brake warning light flashing, then on all the time. Fluid level sender replaced to fix at 18 months.

Clutch slave cylinder leaked away all the fluid (combined with brake reservoir!!) and was replaced at 24 months.

Fuel gauge began to dive for the red, finally packed up with the low fuel light on permanently, sender unit replaced at 28 months.

Both rear gas shocks were leaking oil, failed MOT, replaced at 48 months.

Exhaust has sheared off mid point, total replacement the only option as it's a one-piece system. £170 at 50 months.

Rear wiper developing a problem, chattering contacts when off, reluctant to operate and getting worse, any bright idea's?

General Comments:

My previous Fiat was a Punto 55s, nothing went wrong whatsoever in 9 months of ownership, nor the following 3 years with the next owner.

This is a stark contrast to my Brava which seems to be thrown together using sub-standard parts that last just long enough to see out the miserly warranty (or not quite in some cases) and spoil a perfectly nice stylish car.

Fiat dealers are thin on the ground, good ones are rare as rocking horse droppings, haven't found one yet in 3 years! Found a really dreadful one though, the manager does not want to know if you did not buy it from them, and the service is so poor that I never intend to return, despite my cars apparent homing instinct!

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Review Date: 25th March, 2001

15th Apr 2004, 17:59

I too have have had loads of problems with my Fiat Brava. My 1999 model has just had a complete new exhaust system, just today my clutch has completely packed in and so I cannot even drive my car to the garage to get it repaired! In the last month I will have paid out more than £650 for a car that's not even 5 years old! I know not to let the petrol go less than 1/4 tank or it will start cutting out! I can never wash my back windscreen as this has never worked! I listen to cassette tapes as they do not eject unless you have a spare hour or so pressing the eject button. Two friends of mine both have 1999 fiat bravas and both have had to get new engines in the last few months! Wonder how long mines will last! Looks like I'm desperate for a new car, no, not a fiat...