14th Jun 2004, 08:26

I also have a Fiat Brava 1.4 SX (R-Reg). After owning a Punto 55SX for four years with no problems whatsoever, I was more than willing to try a slighter bigger car pending the arrival of our new baby. Hmmm... since then, had nothing, but the wife nagging at me to look for another Punto. Same problem as others mention. Sounds like a tank and exhaust rattling despite new exhaust fitted only 6 months ago. Keeps stalling like the revs are not high enough to keep the car running. New cam shaft fitted three months ago. (£400 When I drive for more than 4 miles, I have to leave the car for at least 20-30 minutes before it will even start. I have a contact banging sound from the wheel every time I go over a bump which I have had checked out, but nothing found to be wrong!!. The internal sunroof cover won't shut as it's come of its runner, tapes will only eject via the helpful assistance of a screwdriver, rear windscreen wiper works only when it want's to... main problem is with the engine cutting out/not starting after short journeys... also (started last week) I am really struggling to get any sort of power. Seems like the acceleration doesn't increase any where like it's supposed to. If anyone has any advice/solutions to these problems, I would be most grateful to hear from you. Not sure if this site will allow my email address to be advertised, but if so, you can get me at walnsam@hotmail.com Many thanks.

11th Aug 2004, 08:58

I have a 1997 B r a v a 16v 1.4. I have owned the car for 16 months, first it was the starter motor (120), clutch (160) All Brakes, battery and exhaust. The radio only plays out of 1 channel unless going over a bump which then deafens you. The engine has a rattle I don't even want to entertain that, also the passenger door whistles. (ref: radio volume!) The rear window wiper works, but does not wash.

I go through tyre's as though I'm driving a tank and petrol as though I'm driving a Porsche, unfortunately I don't get the performance.

I like the shape and the comfort, but I'm not too keen on the build quality. If it wasn't for the fact that it breaks down like a rich tea biscuit in your brew on every journey, I would have said it was a nice run-about car.

Cost £2500 5 years old

Maintenance £500 (16 months)

Personal rating 6/10.

14th Mar 2009, 16:16

I have a Fiat Brava 1600SX S reg. Had it for 5 years, and the engine been rattling for 3 years. The rattle comes from cam belt area. It's done it ever since I had a new belt.

Sun roof packed in, so now I get a loud whistling noise at speed.

Passengers window opens sometimes, and only very slow.

Drivers door rattles, and it's dropped slightly.

The car's only done 69000 miles and it's falling apart. It's my first Fiat and my last.

Also when it's been stood for 2 weeks when I go on holiday, it feels like it's only running on 3 pots for the first 20 miles, then it's OK, but I have used it every day for 5 years and it,s been reliable, but I think I will avoid Fiats when I get another car..