Brava 80SX 1.2

Reliable, practical, cheap to run

208 words, UK and Ireland

Brava SX 1.6i 16v

Just as fun, and better made than a Peugeot 306

128 words, UK and Ireland

Brava 80SX 16V 1.2 petrol

Good car, but disappointing dealer service departments!

164 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment

Brava 1.2 SX 1.2

Lovely handling, super quality, cheap to own

350 words, UK and Ireland, 6 comments

Brava SX 1.2

Fast and Reliable

118 words, Egypt, 4 comments

Brava SX 1.2

Great style and fantastic quality

162 words, UK and Ireland

Brava ELX 1.6 16v

Reasonable value for money, I'm just too used to Japanese cars' nature

87 words, Czech Republic

Brava SX 1.6 16v

A hostile beauty

80 words, United Arab Emirates

Brava SX 1.9 JTD

Well worth the money

177 words, Belgium