2000 Fiat Bravo SX 1.25 from Greece


I wish every car was worthing its price as a Bravo is!


After 80,000km there is noise when shifting gear down from 3rd to 2nd.

After 100,000km, started a noticeable oil consumption about 0.5lt or more per change (about every 15,000 km) without any effect on gas emissions limits.

General Comments:

I bought it new in 2000 after my previous car was damaged in an accident, because I found it cheap, about 10,000 euro. As time passes, I love it more every day. I wasn't a fan of FIAT, but I admire how good this car is for the money.

Excellent safe and quiet ride, independent suspension works (I think there is no other car using this configuration today in this segment). It loves the mountain roads. Same on the highway except that after 150km/h, the wheel feels a little "light" compared to other cars. And I have made "nature tourism" trips in this car on roads where there were only 4x4 cars and motorcycles except my Bravo.

The engine is a "diamond", a lot of power (everyone who drove my car commented about this 1,25 lt engine moving the car like a 1,6lt).

Low fuel consumption. It's remarkable. In my last trip, 2 adults and full baggage on board, 720 km on one refuelling of 42 lt... this means 5.83lt/100km! Two years ago I made the same trip driving a 1.4lt Opel Astra (model 2002) and the consumption was more than 8,5lt/100km.

Cabin is quiet, also remarked by a lot of passengers and the interior space is great for the dimensions of the car. Automatic airconditioning is a plus. Design depends on personal taste, but nobody can refuse it's NOT a box on wheels. Designer surely was getting high grades as a student!

I have now 120,000 km with this car. I'm interested in getting a new one soon, but it's so expensive to get a new car to be at least equal to my Bravo, that I might continue with it. I had 2 japanese cars before it, and the other family car is a Ford Focus station wagon. I have driven a lot of friend's cars too. I prefer the Bravo to all of them. Too bad that after a test-drive, the Fiat Stilo isn't as tasty!

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Review Date: 25th June, 2006

2000 Fiat Bravo SX 1.2 16v from UK and Ireland


Brilliant, underrated car


Nothing much, just a slight adjustment of the handbrake was necessary after I bought it.

General Comments:

This car is very good all round.

It looks great, has an excellent engine, is really comfortable and the dealer service was excellent.

The dealer service, in particular, was much better than the Ford dealer that I visited and the car was far better than I could have otherwise afforded.

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Review Date: 24th July, 2003

2000 Fiat Bravo HLX 1.6 16v from UK and Ireland


Surprisingly good Italian


No major problems to date, but:

Rear wash feed periodically disconnects from motor inside rear hatch, minor grumble, but can be fixed in 15 minutes.

Feels a little sluggish until all the valves open around 3000-3500rpm.

Brakes are only adequate and do not inspire confidence.

Fuel consumption can be on the low side.

General Comments:

Great car, good looks and superb practicality.

Capable motorway cruiser and loves twisty back-roads.

Radio gets louder the faster you go, great idea!

Once the engine hits the power band, the car shows its true potential, and can surprise and embarrass owners of more expensive/powerful motors.

Interior will never be in the class of VW or Audi, but it feels solid, all switchgear works and falls easily to hand.

Shame then that the Bravo still looks sexier and sportier than the current model, the Stilo, that replaces it.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2003

2000 Fiat Bravo HGT 2.0 from UK and Ireland


£15.5K new, £5K now with 36,000 on it - a high performance bargain


This car suffers from the freezing hand brake fault that afflicts many of these models, its going in for a new cable shortly.

Following a smash at the rear the central locking system developed several faults which were fixed under warranty.

The wash function of the rear wash/wipe tends to fail a lot and is fixed at every service.

The boot light sometimes doesn't work.

The stereos function which increases the volume as the spped goes up is often flaky and can from time to time mute the system for a brief period.

General Comments:

I was wary of getting a Fiat, but as it was a company car I thought I'd try it for four years and it's been fantastic.

Two things to watch out for though, the boot is not as big as it looks and not being able to put the electric windows up after you've switched the ignition off is really annoying.

Mechanically sound.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2003