1993 Fiat Cinquecento L 850cc from UK and Ireland


VERY frugal but noisy and unrefined, like driving a classic car without the looks, performance


Passenger side electric window motor failed.

Oil leak somewhere but never traced!!!

Pipe to expansion tank split (£2.50 to fix).

General Comments:

Very thin metal used throughout so noisy and weak.

As a result of above they are VERY light so use hardly any fuel... :)

The 850cc engine is harsh and noisy, but VERY frugal (mine used almost as much oil as it did fuel - it was like running a 2-stroke by the time I sold it).

Don't expect lively performance (85mph downhill is possible - although this depends on the gradient of the hill).

Interior is basic but functional, and is surprisingly comfortable.

Handling is VERY soft - not helped by tall, thin body and skinny tyres.

Great car if economy and simple mechanics are at the top of your list.

Not so great if you want performance or handling.

Come in some horrible colour combinations (mine was Kermit green - not the official Fiat name for the colour - with a blue and grey interior).

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Review Date: 10th December, 2012

1993 Fiat Cinquecento 0.9 from Denmark


Quick, fun and small


The thermostat has been replaced

The oil filter has been replaced

The air filter has been replaced

The brake caliper has been replaced

The brakes in front has been replaced

The cylinder head has been fixed

General Comments:

The marks I have given the car, are based on my expectations for the car and not based on comparison with the best car imaginable.

The car is very resistant toward corrosion and the Danish climate is not particular friendly toward metal and cars. So big thumbs up!

There are sadly not that much comfort, but hey... you cannot get it all to that insane low price!

The car are therefor mostly made for city driven and few longer trips.

The back seats can be pulled down, so the car transforms into a van, which gives a lot of room in the back for shopping and other things.

The safety is a city in Russia, because if you crash you probably die. As you will with most smaller cars.

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Review Date: 1st April, 2005

1993 Fiat Cinquecento SX 899 from UK and Ireland


A fun drive, but not very reliable


Thermostat failed.

Radiator replaced.

Top and bottom hoses replaced.

Cylinder head gasket failed after about 12000 miles of ownership unbelievably it now needs replacing again and I have lost all faith in this vehicle.

Handbrake needs constant adjustment and has had replacement cable at least once.

Central locking has failed on drivers door, but luckily can still be activated from the passenger side.

Gearbox-enjoy angling? You will with this gearbox as you have to "fish" for every gear in the box and the whole thing is very notchy.

General Comments:

The car is seriously underpowered with the 899cc engine linked to the aforementioned 5 speed notchy gearbox.

I bought this car for my wife as she loved its "dinky" looks. The car is fine for pottering around and using as a shopping trolley, but anything else and it struggles.

The trim and switchgear is fragile and although it has had lots of overheating problems the car is quite fun to drive. Akin to a go kart. Thing is it is basically a very thin tin box and you don't feel very protected when driving it.

It also has no glove box just a shelf to put stuff on which consequently slides all over the place whilst your driving.

The biggest plus point of the car for a FIAT is the bodywork. In years past any FIAT car in the British climate soon started to rust (almost immediately in fact).This particular vehicle is very sound with only a couple of stone chips needing a touch up.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2005

23rd Oct 2009, 17:44

In 2001, I bought a 1993 Cinquecento, with 75000 km on the clock. It soon needed an engine transplant, due to a crack in the cylinder head. Two years later, the new engine blew the head gasket after only 60000 km. That was my final Fiat...