1994 Fiat Cinquecento XS 0.9 from UK and Ireland


Good car, shame about the manufacturer!


Bonnet safety catch disengaged at 70 mph on the motorway smashing through windscreen. Fiat not interested in this as I got it fixed through my insurance company - as it was not repaired by a "Fiat registered dealer" they were unable to comment!

Handbrake stopped working twice - £60 to have it recalibrated x 2.

Fuel tank replaced in May 2001 after a recall. Was not notified about this and it was only noticed when I took the car in for a service.

Needs a new exhaust system - have been quoted £200 so far, but am putting off the evil moment!

General Comments:

I have no complaints with the car itself - a lovely little thing and an absolute dream to park. When it was being repaired over Christmas after the bonnet incident, I had a Brava for a week and it was like driving a bus in comparison.

My biggest gripe is with Fiat themselves - for a large multinational company they have exhibited an alarming lack of customer care! For that reason I would never buy another vehicle from them.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2001

12th Feb 2002, 09:50

I currently own a Cinq myself (see "Italian 899cc rocket". In my details I tell about my "cheaper than Fiat" stainless steel exhaust which only set me back £130. The work was carried out by a local garage (Cardiff, South Wales) called Longlife Exhausts, which includes a lifetime warranty. I have also improved the performance of the car and the MPG. It has not made the car look or sound stupid as the tailpipe is barely larger than standard.

2nd Oct 2003, 06:54

I got my sport cinq year ago and I love it I have been all over england in it and it has been so reliable. only prob had is horn broken and windscreen water bottle leaks, which are minor, all in all brilliant in London, speedy and cheap. i love it!

1994 Fiat Cinquecento Base 0.9 from UK and Ireland


Italian 899cc rocket!!!


I bought the car with moderate damage to the rear. Obviously this wasn't the manufacturers fault!

Petrol tank was replaced under recall, a courtesy car was gladly accepted for the day it was in the workshop.

General Comments:

Even though this match box has done more than 120,000K, I have had absoloutly NO problems with this car over the past 18 months.

When replacing the exhaust with a "cheaper than Fiat" stainless steel exhaust (which doesn't sound/look boy-racer!) I created a "ROCKET". The miniature 899cc engine, with no other mods, can throw this thing exactly at 100mph down the M4 (including 2 passengers).

I was absolutely stunned at the space that was available from such a small car, with the interior being "non-rattley" and styled quite sensibly.

I managed to pick her up for just £500 (UK), and then parts and paint to repair the bad back-end nudge (which nearly wrote her off - before I bought her) which made it a grand total of £700. All in all a winner!!

I much prefer this than my previous MK3 Astra, what a money saver!!

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Review Date: 25th April, 2001

20th Sep 2001, 14:39

By simply removing the cat on a cinquecento, a significant increase in power will be realised.

12th Feb 2002, 10:14

Now that I have to renewed the lambda sensor (for the MOT), the top speed is only 96mph with one light passenger.

Although the tappets were not drastically noisy, I always believe in preventive maintenance. She's now clocked up to 132,000 miles and is even quieter than before (due to those regular oil changes with the correct oil). She still starts first time - EVERY TIME. In this colder weather I find that she won't get hot enough to blow out any kind of warm air from the heaters. I find that placing a sheet of hard plastic/cardboard behind the bumper to cover half of the surface area of the radiator, resolves this problem; but watch the temp gauge when stuck in those traffic jams!!

Although I am looking to upgrade to more luxurious car (I'm dreading the change in running costs!), I don't think I can bring myself to parting with this little beauty, I'm afraid this one will kept in the garage for those short trips to the shops or muddy playing fields with the dog, instead of taking a Rover 220 coupe turbo or a Calibra 4x4 turbo.


18th Sep 2006, 04:53

Its probably too late now as you probably no longer own the car, but I think you will find that the reason it doesn't "heat up enough" isn't due to not heating up enough. Its down to a broken thermostat!!