1994 Fiat Cinquecento 0.9 from Germany


Great for minimalists


Very bad quality of all parts.

Engine needed very much oil, blew at 9000 km.

Car wouldn't start at 15000 km due to ignition problems.

Started to rust after just two years.

Often had problems with the electrics.

General Comments:

Easy to park and very cheap to maintain, at least as long as nothing is broken.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2001

20th Jun 2006, 10:07

I have a yellow Cinquecento and I love it. It's my sun shine. I paid 100 pounds for it and nothings gone wrong with it. It's a 1995, no rust and I think it's a girls car, not for boys!!!

1994 Fiat Cinquecento S 1.0 FI from UK and Ireland


Absolute rubbish


Cylinder head gasket.

Fuel tank.



Rear brakes.

Seat lever.

Tappets (they go after 17,000 miles and cost £25 each + labour to replace).

Full exhaust system.

General Comments:

I wouldn't have another of these if they were giving them away.

Whenever the car breaks down with an engine fault the recovery services shake their heads and say they can do nothing with the engine due to its management system.

Car is very unreliable and cannot be relied on for long distances and motorway travel.

Fiat are useless. The main dealers are the only ones who can cancel a fault on the electronics of this car. If there is a problem with the ignition system, they are the only ones who can sort it out.

In short, this car is the biggest rip off on the road. Do yourself a favour and buy a Volvo!!!!!

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Review Date: 17th September, 2000

27th Dec 2000, 19:36

My SX has done 106,000 miles now. In that time it has had:

1) A bearing slipped into the gearbox (£500).

2) Had problems with the cooling system which was not diagnosed by a Fiat dealer or a private one, turned out to be a rotting radiator and spent 1 year having to drive round with the heater on full.

3) Catalytic converter went (£500).

Considering the mileage I've done in this car I reckon it's done very well. Have driven long distances in it. As it's 5 years old and has just sprung a fuel leak I think it's about time for a Seicento!

3rd Jun 2001, 18:21

Update on the comments of problems with the car.

New speedo cable, the cable is in two parts and one packed up just after the other one had been fixed.

Shrouds on the top of the shock absorbers.

Ignition switch has now packed up. the car starts whenever it feels like it.

Anyone want to buy a slightly used Fiat Cinquecento???

5th Aug 2001, 08:13

My Fiat Cinquecento Sporting has been nothing but trouble since day 1. The clutch went after 26500 miles, exhaust system has been fully replaced and so has the fuel tank. Now the head gasket has gone. No more Fiats for me..

1994 Fiat Cinquecento S 0.9 petrol from UK and Ireland


Tyres wear quickly, loose hydraulic tappets by 40k, needed replacement, expensive parts!! 20 pounds each, difficult to replace.

General Comments:

Excellent car, but would reccommend the sporting model if you want a small Cinquecento!

Mail me if you're interested in talking Cinquecento, or setting up a club etc..??? macuser@clara.net

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Review Date: 8th May, 1999