1995 Fiat Cinquecento S 0.9L from UK and Ireland


A perfect first car for the non-boy-racer types


Bought the car with one of the coil packs not functioning, so was running on only 3 cylinders for a while.

Also bought the car with the handbrake not working properly - interesting even when parked on 'flat' road!

Front window seals fall off when you have the windows fully down and then try and bring them back up.

Gearbox is a bit temperamental - especially when going into first gear on fairly cold days.

But I did get it fairly cheap at £850!

General Comments:

This car is a first car, but I have noticed that it really does not like accelerating, but once it gets there, it seems to be OK. I have had her up to 100 (which all the clock goes up to). The car does stop reasonably well, but you do have to be careful the incline you park it on.

I enjoy throwing the car around corners and it does seem to go where you point it.

Despite having a fairly small exterior, the interior can fit a fair amount in it (I brought myself back from Uni in this car with the seats down, there is loads of space). The boot itself is fairly ridiculous, but you can have lots of fun trying to make things fit! I have had 4 6 foot plus passengers in the car - they are not extremely comfortable, but they do get in and it is fine for very short journeys. The acceleration and deceleration are affected a lot by this though!

The car came with a 4 speaker stereo system, which is really impressive, a sunroof and also the back windows 1/4 open.

This car is really great for a first car, especially if you do not mind working it quite hard to get up to motorway speeds and also do not mind waiting for downhill sections to overtake, it can be really fun to drive, with some careful encouragement! Around the town it is fine and parking is brilliant - you can simply get in anywhere. The cheap insurance (if you are over 18 I am sure) is a bonus. If you are not bothered about being the first off the lights in traditional boy racer style, and you want a simple car to get you mainly around town, then this car is perfect as a first car to drive into the ground.

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Review Date: 30th March, 2004

1995 Fiat Cinquecento Sporting 1.1 from UK and Ireland


Nothing has gone wrong with my little car, he has been perfect.

I had the windows tinted, a stainless exhaust system fitted, Spax suspension and refurbished the standard alloys (in black anthracite)

I also had a Clifford Alarm system fitted because my university seems to attract thieves!

General Comments:

When I was accepted at university I knew I was going to have to get a little car, I had to have good MPG and low insurance!

I resigned myself to buying a Fiesta or Corsa, but then I saw my little "clifford"

He has been a great car, a fantastic little performer who has never ever let me down! He starts in all weathers, always makes me smile and I really enjoy driving it!

All my mates like it, they think it is like a little go-kart!

I can understand that not everyone will like the Cinquecento Sporting, all I can say is drive one!

THen maybe you will understand why everyone thinks they are so great!

THey run for ever on £10, do well over 100mph, can be fixed up to look nice, all in all a great little package!

My first ever Fiat, and I think they are very good, I am going to try another Fiat, maybe the new Punto Sporting (2001 Model)

My mum is now having my Cinquecento, we will have 2 yellow cars on our driveway!

Hope this helps!

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Review Date: 26th February, 2004