1996 Fiat Cinquecento 0.9 petrol from UK and Ireland


Small, cute and fun to drive


The handbrake cable had to be replaced straight after I bought it, after a problem was detected with the back brake components.

The handbrake, even though fixed is rather unreliable at times and I wouldn't park her on a steep hill!

General Comments:

She's cute and cuddly, but has a mean streak.

Good for fuel economy and low, low insurance, even for a young driver like me!

Fantastic handling, the brakes are highly effective (except a slightly suspicious handbrake!)

Very quiet even at high speed and amazingly huge windscreen, you can see for miles!

The only problem is the tiny boot, not big enough for two suitcases!

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2001

1996 Fiat Cinquecento S 0.9 from UK and Ireland


Inexpensive and cheerful nippy runner


Need to close doors with some force to get them to shut properly.

Fuel tank safety recall by Fiat.

Strange noises.

General Comments:

This car is very easy to park and one can get into spaces where other cars will not dare to tread.

It feels very nippy and is the ideal car for zooming around very busy towns.

The clutch control is particularly good, especially when taking off from traffic lights or hill starts. It is always good fun to watch other drivers faces when you wave goodbye to them at traffic lights.

The car is very roomy considering its petite size. Two passengers can sit very comfortably in the rear.

The car has a nice boot size. When the rear seats are folded, this is dramatically increased as well (I managed to transport a double mattress in it - amazing!).

This car looks good too. It's a nice shape and in a good colour will provoke pleasant smiles from other drivers and passersby.

On the downside, it does not feel very safe inside. This particular model is lacking many safety features that it would benefit from ie. air bags, ABS etc.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2001

17th Jun 2001, 13:51

I had a Cinq Sporting once and I don't belive for one minute that you can get a mattress in it!! You must have a rare Cinq because my Sporting fell to bits.

How can you say it has a boot because it does not! Anybody that has had one or owns one will tell you that, I am actually glad I wrote my Cinq off now because I've got myself a proper car!

1996 Fiat Cinquecento Sporting 1.1 from UK and Ireland


Move over Nova, El Chinko comin' through!


In the two months that I've owned the car, the exhaust fell off, the screen wash doesn't work, the thing loves to not start, wiper blades are crap, new exhaust rattles, dash, doors, seats etc all rattle.

It's getting a new ECU on Friday. Oh and the central locking is a bit tempremental.

I think that's about it but I'll let you know anymore that I remember.

General Comments:

Despite the trouble I've had so far (all under warranty, hahahahahaha), I love this little beast to pieces. The looks I get when I blip it past all the "Nova Boyz" in the area make me laugh. The poor leg room in the back doesn't affect me because I'm driving.

The acoustics are great, I've got a CD changer, Kenwood Head, Sony 6x9's, 12 inch sub, amp and standard dash speakers and it sounds mint. The boot just about fits the sub and amp, but I'm not the one who does the shopping.

I'm impressed that so many extras have been put into this baby: EW, CL, SR etc are all things I'd never dreamed about in my Fester. DON'T WANT TO FAULT IT!

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Review Date: 17th January, 2001

1996 Fiat Cinquecento Sporting 1.1 from UK and Ireland


Looks girly but shows a masculine attitude to its driver!


The pipe behind the cat separated and had to be replaced and my front left tyre keeps running low.

There is a plethora of creaks from my dash... but as the Italians would say it gives the car character!!

I fitted a lovely Magnex end box which is too heavy for the back hanger and needs plastic ties to persuade it to stay horizontal with the rear valance.

General Comments:

Very capable on a twisty road and will give the driver confidence. I feel I know exactly where its limits are.

It is useless torque wise when my mates are in the car and broom yellow has my heart broken for tar remover.

The engine loves revs and on a dry road she will hang on a lot longer than others (Fiestas) despite bodyroll. Pull in fifth is surprising!!

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Review Date: 29th December, 2000

17th Jan 2001, 15:59


1st Feb 2001, 08:17

That's crap, my Fiesta can go on longer than that piece of rubbish.

18th Feb 2001, 06:48

Fiesta's are just sooo boring they don't have character. Boring and pants!

19th Feb 2001, 07:23

Unless your Fiesta is a 1.25 I would keep quiet mate. Everyone knows that they are a piece of junk. Unless you are a 17 year old whose idea of enthusiastic driving is based on how many megawatts his speakers output, rather than how well his car goes and handles.