20th Feb 2001, 05:51

I've got an R-reg Cinquecento and my girlfriend has a W-reg Fiesta (1.25). If you sit 'em side by side you can't even hear mine 'cos of hers, it sounds like a cement mixer. The performance blows the Fiesta away every time too, I have to fight her for the keys half the time.

21st Feb 2001, 10:05

I own a Sporting, and believe me, I can blow away bigger cars (Opel Corsa, Daewoo Nexia, some VW Golfs).

I want to buy a Fiat Brava, but I can't leave my Cinque behind, I love it!

24th May 2001, 09:24

I don't happen to like either the Fiesta or the Cinquencento, but it is a matter of FACT that the 75hp Fiesta 1.25 would murder the puny 54hp Cinquencento any day.

Cinquencento: 0-60 14 seconds, 95mph

Fiesta: 0-60 12 seconds, 103mph.

Read that and weep, and no I wouldn't own either of them if they were the last cars on earth.

14th Jul 2001, 11:22

That is my car that I was writing about and I never said that it would blow a 1.25 Fiesta away, the 1.1 of the previous generation yes, but so would my Granny in her slippers.

What I meant was that thanks to its tighter chassis and springs, it is much more flick-able and responsive than any Fiesta!!!

21st Jul 2001, 13:19

I love the cinq and it looks fantastic. The fiesta is a nice car but nothing special, whereas the cinq has a bit of style and class.

Not owning either, I would DEFINITELY go for the fiat.

3rd Jan 2006, 13:05

I wouldn't say any fiesta, you forget to mention the 1.6 zetec s.

Got decent power nothing to special.

But the handling is to die for. show it some twisties and you'll have the time of your life!

12th Dec 2006, 04:41

Remember, the Cinque was designed for the town. If one had the opportunity to drive the Cinque Sporting... (s) he must have noticed that the gearbox is really a sport (short) one!!! The car has just a "sporting" character.

I bought one two months ago and I must just smile when I sit in my car (for many reasons...). It is really a nice car for the city!!!