13th Feb 2010, 15:33

Clutch is £450 to replace, cambelt the same.

29th Apr 2010, 09:01

Yes I agree, you can't get a better car for your money. They sound great, look great and drive spot on. What else are you gonna buy for that kind of money? A Rover Coupe Turbo? Behave.

People sometimes think there's a V8 on the way when you open the taps on em. Had mine years, love it.

2nd Nov 2010, 07:49

Unfortunately I have to agree with just about everything that was written about this car.

Performance doesn't mean high cost! How about Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda? They just don't easily break - but things DO with this Fiat. There is so much at fault with these cars it's silly, bits break and need replacing on a regular basis - I'm glad I got rid of mine, and has taught me never to touch Fiats again. The specialists I took it to even joked that Fiat stood for Fix It Again Tomorrow (or even today!).

27th May 2011, 06:04

Well one man's rubbish is another man's treasure, & boy is this a treasure, if you know what gold is.

I have had Fiats for 40 years. Back in the days, you went in a shop for a paper & wondered how much will have rusted away in that short time, but looked past that to what great cars Fiat are, & this pocket rocket is the star in Fiat's crown. I know 40 years & 24 Fiats on, I can tell you there is NOTHING to come close for the money you pay.

Fast, practical, with a good MPG in return. What more do you want? Performance cars come with a price; the high maintenance at times, but this is as close to a Ferrari without the badge as you will ever get, so maybe you just not the right type to not only own, but write a review on such a respected car with true Fiat owners.

God bless the Fiat Coupe.

27th Jun 2015, 20:55

It's a classic car, they are getting on now, you have to expect bits to break etc. You have to maintain them. I've had 2 - the best cars I've owned.

27th Jun 2015, 20:56

Totally agree.