13th Jul 2001, 14:05

Oh come on! Compare like-for-like. The Coupe costs £20k and leaves BMWs for dead (and Mondeos come to that). It's a bit silly to suggest the Coupe is a Porsche-eater, but it is fun to try...

Within its realm the Coupe is sheer brilliance. And its realm is real-World affordable - that's what makes it great.

Steve' E.

30th May 2002, 05:37

A standard Boxster can be beaten with a 20VT coupe, no problem. Also standard scoobys in a straight line; need 4wd for the bends.

8th Sep 2002, 05:19

On the whole I agree; it is an enthusiast's car, which happens to provide sensible space for 4, and is great fun.

I have owned a Subaru (Legacy) turbo, and have to say the ownership satisfaction is much greater with the Coupe.

12th Jan 2003, 15:55

I believe that my Fiat coupe is one of the best all-round cars I've ever had. Handle-yes, ride-yes, perform-yes, enjoy-yes.

And my goodness don't the girls love it!

17th Nov 2003, 07:16

I own a coupe turbo that has been chipped, and is now at 390 hp. The suspension and steering has been heavily modified to eliminate under-steer, the car was then track tested and can now do 0-60 in 3.9 seconds with a top speed of 175 mph. To get the top speed I had to add sequential turbos, but I have done over 15000 miles with these mods and the engine is solid. Yes this car will take on even Ferrari's and to 150 mph will easily stay ahead.

3rd Dec 2003, 14:22

I have a 20v turbo which has been played with by myself. Lowered 30mm, body kit,tarox brakes, induction kit, dump valve, s/s exhaust, chipped and nitrous oxide, great fun handles well and brakes well, over 400bhp when running on nos. Any questions phone me on 01202 824244. ANDY...

20th Nov 2004, 09:42

Nice car. A friend of mind got one. He had couple of problem with it. Sorry no way that they leave scooby or porche stand. Reason I got MR2 TURBO import rev2 and we had a try on a dual carriage way and he couldn't keep up, he was way behind. I also got an import scooby it was even worst.I don't tell you the history around the bend. not bad for a front wheel drive.

12th Sep 2005, 05:59

17th November 2003, how much did you spend on your twin sequential turbos and chassis mods to eliminate understeer? (by the way, if that were possible, every chassis engineer in the world would be kicking their door down)

You could almost certainly have bought a proper sports car for less. Nothing wrong with the Fiat Coupe, but it's no more designed to compete with the Porsches and Ferraris of this world than a Ford Mondeo or a Nissan Micra.

Why waste money trying to make it?

21st Apr 2006, 06:53

Some hot air balloon fans in the comment section. Coupe is a great a 'max buck for max whizz' car, but its not in supercar league, more a very fast tourer. Real (5x price) sports cars leave it behind around the first bends. Anybody who's taken one down a track (not just straight line through timing gates) gets very familiar with understeer and application of opposite lock.. having said that it's a car I drive with a permanent idiot grin..

One of life's little pleasures is finding some sales rep in his red braces, mirror shades and BMW 318/318/320. These guys think they have a cool fast car and hog the outside lane. Move your Repmobile over Declan: there's a fast Fiat behind you that needs to get by. Toast anybody?

19th May 2006, 18:52

I always wanted one since they came out of Turin over 10 years ago, and now I have one! A 20V Turbo and I'm not disappointed in the slightest. Sure, neglected ones will bite your wallet, but keep an eye on the fluids and get the cam-belt done at 5 years by a specialist and its not really any different to any other motor out there!

Except the fact it looks fantastic and pulls like a train, you can't get much more bang for your buck than this Italian baby Ferrari !!

Still smile when I reach for the keys!

20th Jun 2006, 18:45

Hi! Call me Fuzzy from Malaysia. I am considering to purchase a Coupe 2.0v T brand new. Over here, we still have some old Year2000 brand new stock.

Need advice should I go for it! Have driven an Alfa 146 ti before... Advice and comments highly appreciated.

Contact me at harfaz@pos.com.my

19th Oct 2006, 09:50


I have just come across this site and its ace - I always wanted a fiat coupe - I had to wait until I was 21 to insure the thing, but it was worth the wait!!! I absolutely love mine - 20v turbo standard and the other comment was right - 2 1/2 years on I still have A SMILE ON MY FACE every time I pick up that key - my mates have an s2000 and civic type r and all have done around the 60,000 mile mark - and driven right I am faster in places and they are faster in places - but we are all much of a muchness - the difference is they paid 15000 and 18000 recently - mines cost me 5000 2 years ago - and I have a bigger grin when I get out of mine - i love it - if you haven't had one - drive one - even if its just once - I don't care if you have a Ferrari - you will love a play in one of these no matter who you are or what you drive... - Thanks.

11th Nov 2006, 14:43

Hi, I have just purchased a 2.0 16v non turbo in blue. I bought it because it was a shape I have liked for a while. After owning it for less than a day I found that it was not only the shape I would love this car for. It beats most of your everyday cars and roars turning heads. The fella that said the girls love them he is right. My advice get one even the non turbo modle is fast enough for britains roads!!!

8th May 2007, 02:12

I bought brand new year 2000 fiat coupe turbo plus in Dec 05 complete with body kits, recaro seats, sun roof etc. I have enjoyed the car since then, I have smoked many cars on the Malaysian North-South highway also received many speeding tickets, highway speed limit in Malaysia is 110kph, the car can easily do 250kph with any problem, the car has a great looks and always become centre of attention... the ladies love the car thus I really enjoy owning the Fiat coupe turbo.

9th May 2007, 05:20

'I bought brand new year 2000 fiat coupe turbo plus in Dec 05'

So it wasn't 'brand new' then!!

29th Mar 2008, 22:50

Owned a Coupe 20vt for 2 years, and they can be expensive to maintain properly. I've spent £2000 on new parts.

Once the car is rolling in straight line, they are very quick; they have 228lbs of torque at 2500 revs, that's more torque than an old Impreza or Cossie. Theyr'e very aerodynamic as well; gets to 140 really easily. Beats lots of Civic Type R (they're pretty slow) and destroyed a bug eye Impreza from 80 to 130.

You can buy chips on eBay for about £50 which take the power to 250hp 260hp. The Novitech chip feels a lot quicker than with gtech one fitted. The Novitech chip runs 22psi of boost, which is a bit high. I put car back to standard because the car was far to fast for its handling and brakes when it was chipped.

2nd Aug 2009, 12:13

Hi, I am James and I own a Fiat Coupe 16vt. I have done a lot of modifications to the car. I think the car is pushing 220.

I have bought new tires and wheels, which cost about £720, and the car handles like a dream. I took on the motorway one night and the top speed is really fast.

10th Feb 2010, 13:56

My Fiat Coupe Turbo running 245bhp has blown the ar** off EVERY Scooby that has given it ago. In fact the only car to really pull away from me was another Fiat Turbo Coupe running 300 bhp and 4 grands of mods on it. Used to be addicted to Tomcat turbos, but sorry Rover, I am converted :)

11th Feb 2010, 11:38

Well you couldn't have had many Scoobs give it a go then, my WRX with PPP should stay ahead.

3rd May 2010, 17:41

I have a coupe 20vt, handling with upgrades (strut brace, springs, correct tyres, drilled and grooved discs, yellow stuff pads) definitely sees a difference, especially when up against a Scooby. I've left these for dust, along with RX7's and RX8's.

Straight line speed is incredible, and when the turbo kicks in, it's awesome.

Beautiful looks (mines white with black wheels), but can be pricey if not well maintained... Any coupe driver will tell you, check your oil!!!

A true Italian sports car for pennies, definitely a good buy.