2001 Fiat Doblo 1.9 from Portugal


Not a working car, even if it looks like one


Electronic sensors for motor temperature replaced twice.

Fuel pump replaced twice.

Gear box replaced once at 150k.

Gear pumps replaced once at 255k.

Head (top part) of the motor replaced, because the screws holding it couldn't be tight any more at 260k.

Heating system replaced at 210k.

Front tires wear irregularly, and the direction gets frequently out of straightness!

Discovered that the rear axle is bent recently.

Original speakers and radio got destroyed; just with time and use.

Suspension arm replaced at 290k.

And recently it all came down, with electronic sensors that would shut down my car while driving, and the mechanic, even with the computer, could never get to understand which was the right sensor to replace...

General Comments:

My mistake was to take it as a real working car; it has big room, but the load capacity is small (400kg).

Because of that I used it for long trips very often with the maximum load in it, and loads of components just showed how fast they wear out.

Well, it just keeps buggering me with small stuff replacement, mostly electronics, and once in a while there comes a big issue, mostly those fuel pumps that nobody dares to repair.

I don't feel that it is a reliable car for working; after 300k km to keep it rolling, I will have to make major rehabs to it.

Maybe it's a cool car for family trips, loads of space, and I find it very comfortable.

Fuel consumption is OK if you don't drive fast.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2014

2008 Fiat Doblo MPV 1.9 turbo from UK and Ireland


A good workhorse


Engine replaced at 270,000 miles.

Gearbox replaced at 279,500 miles.

Dual mass flywheel changed at 60,000 miles by the dealership.

Still on the same flywheel after 4 clutches.

General Comments:

A very comfortable vehicle to drive in my occupation as a taxi driver.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2013

12th Jul 2013, 12:00

It sounds like a "Trigger's broom" car!

2006 Fiat Doblo Family 7 1.3 multijet diesel from UK and Ireland


Unreliable death trap


Many small electrical and warning lights, which the dealership told us to ignore.

The engine blew up in 2010. A problem with injectors? White smoke, roaring engine, loss of power and control. Wife driving, children on board. All terrified out of wits. I almost lost my whole family. Engine replaced under warranty after fraught negotiations. They still tried to bill us!

Replacement engine blew up in 2012. Same description. Wife will never sit in that car again. Am I unique in almost losing my wife and children to a Fiat Doblo FAMILY? And not just once. TWICE.

General Comments:

This type of car has come close to killing my wife and my children TWICE.

The first engine blew up before the warranty ended. The replacement blew up last week, two years and three months after the first one.

Less than 80,000 km in total and it needs its third engine. Do you want a car where you change the engine more often than the tires?

If you care for the safety of your family or loved ones, DO NOT WALK AWAY FROM THESE FIATS, RUN!

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Review Date: 23rd May, 2012

12th Nov 2012, 17:19

I have had my Fiat Doblo 1.3 Multijet for 2 months now. It's an 07 reg, done 1000 miles so far, with no faults. Great car, plenty of poke, nice quiet ride too. It's got 67000 on the clock, I just love it. Use the very best quality fully synthetic oil and change it regularly. This engine should last a life time.

19th Sep 2013, 09:27

I've bought a 2006 Doblo 1.3 Multijet 7 seater in 2012, with 60,000 Km. All I can say is that it is the worst car that I've had until now, and I've had a few cars before this nightmare car. I suggest you run away from Fiat diesel engines; they really suck.

3rd Nov 2014, 19:43

A bit melodramatic.