1st Feb 2005, 09:25

Buy a 2.0HDi Citroen Berlingo... Slightly smaller, but excellent power and handling for this type of vehicle.

More refined than the Doblo too...

16th Feb 2005, 15:55

I have a new 2005 Fiat Doblo Family, it's got the new 1.3 TD engine with seven seats, it's great I got it on line for £8500 on the road (with metallic paint), beat that!!!

The 1.3 diesel Engine is great, extremely responsive and so economic. I've not pushed it yet, but is far better than the 1.4 Ford Fusion I had on hire. The torque power of the engine should be enough for a medium caravan (we've a trailer tent at present). The vehicle goes in next weekend for the tow bar to be fitted.

I truly believe you can't get more car for your money. I've had roof bars fitted a bit costly at £163.00, but there are three of them!

The ride and handling can't be faulted, the steering is very responsive.

The room in the third row can cope with adults for short journeys. The rear seats can be removed, and the second row folded up, this gives you the most immense space.

OK its looks are individual, but if you want a truly flexible vehicle, coping with all life's requirements then this is it.

Go and try one it's worth a look, avoid all the early diesel + petrol versions only go for the 1.9TD or 1.3 Multijet diesel engines.

27th Mar 2005, 15:18

I wouldn't buy the Citroen Berlingo 2.0 HDI. The 1.9 JTD Doblo knocks spots off it in power, handling, and load space. I know, I test drove one before I got my Doblo.

31st Oct 2005, 08:44

I've got a 1.9 JTD ELX and it is superb, very powerful and refined. Sorry to disagree with previous reviewer, but having had Peugeot/Citroens version I can say Doblo is far superior.