2000 Fiat Marea SX 100 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Outstanding car


New battery.

General Comments:

The Fiat Marea is best car I have ever owned. I might buy a Multipla when it breaks down, but I don't think it will; it just keeps going. It's an incredible car.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2014

24th Apr 2019, 23:53

It's me again (the owner). I have still got my Marea 6 years after writing the post and still it has not let me down; the only thing I have replaced is a temperature sensor that cost 10 pounds; a truly remarkable car. I need a change this year, but I will store it in a garage (will not get much selling it). I might get the Fiat 500L to see how good they are. Who said Fiat's are unreliable.

26th Apr 2019, 08:23

Glad to hear some good ones are out there. These had bad reliability reviews even when new. I'd avoid the modern Fiat 500s though - they seem to be even worse from what I have heard.

2000 Fiat Marea ELX 1.6 from Turkey


Comfortable, large (especially baggage), good car


I had to change the trigger at 75.000 km despite I was shown "shold be changed at 95.000 km" in Marea manuel book.

I had a injection light problem at 80.000 km related with 2 th and 3 th pistons injection controller unit. Car doesn't go despite I fully pump the gas. I changed it.

General Comments:

If I compare with my 2000 Toyota VVT-I, it has more maintenance cost.

But the services materials are more cheaper than Toyota.

In a way they are balanced with each other.

I hear the noisy engine at first 100 km of road in long distance journeys.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2004

2000 Fiat Marea JTD 105 SX 1.9 JTD from UK and Ireland


Excellent car, shame about the suspension


Air mass sensor was gone when I bought, but I bought it privately and it was a bargain. The air mass sensor was a Bosch part and cost £160 and £62 for fiat to tell me what the problem was. I fitted it myself.

I replaced the anti roll bar drop links, these were very cheap to replace and easy enough to fit.

I get a thunk on taking up gear, and a thunk from the front off side suspension on some speed bumps. It needs to become a lot worse before I can identify exactly what the problem is, fiat told me it was just the anti roll bar drop links which I replaced and half fixed the problem.

General Comments:

I am very pleased with the car.

It was very cheap at £4100. The common rail engine is very good, however I feel it is a little under powered, and I am tempted to get it tuned to 150bhp. I have driven the 110 JTD and it is has a lot more torque although it is a little noisier.

It cruises very well on the motorway doing 84mph at 3000 rpm.

It returns about 48mpg on average.

It does generate a little wind and road noise at speed though.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2004

21st Nov 2005, 08:44

I have recently brought a 2001 (51 plate) Marea 100 sx. It is a nice car to drive, underrated in the used car market and a bargain. I too have had the clonks from the suspension and investigation shows the Torsion bar links and Rear bump stops are the culprit. Seems to be a common theme with these Fiats, luckily though its dead easy and cheap to put right so grab yourself a bargain saloon.

2000 Fiat Marea JTD ELX Weekend 1.9 from UK and Ireland


Sensible Diesel estate car. Does it's job


Rear door handle stuck solid and could not open. Not good on an estate car which is used. The part cost about 30 pounds and a spring had seized inside.

Then the drivers door handle snapped on the front part This was a big job to replace as most of the inner door had to come off. Aparently both are known faults by fiat.

The centre console between the drivers seats compartment doesn't shut. The plastic piece snapped and keeps on springing up.

General Comments:

Damn nice comfy ride and a big enough boot to move most items.

The diesel engine can move when it wants and it handle's pretty well for an estate.

Have towed a caravan and a trailer tent with no problems what-so-ever.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2004