2000 Fiat Multipla SX 1.9 JTD turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Despite my initial reservations about buying a Fiat, 8 years later I have been proven wrong


Front suspension started knocking from 30,000 miles, eventually sorted 5 years later!

Rear wheel bearing replaced at 90,000 miles.

General Comments:

Had car since new. Maybe we got a good one, but very little has gone wrong.

The front suspension started making knocking noises at 30k miles, but neither Fiat (under warranty) or our own garage could pinpoint the problem. Decided to leave it to develop - took 5 years for it to fail M.O.T. - Just replaced track-rod end and n/s/f suspension arm - now it's rattle free.

Otherwise still going strong. Handles well, interior has stood up to hard family life very well, no rust on bodywork.

Still does 40+mpg. Will cruise at 80-90mph all day.

We have it serviced every year through an independent garage, but Fiat parts are cheap and they have never had any problems getting them quickly.

We will run it into the ground, as with all our cars.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2008

2000 Fiat Multipla JTD ELX 1.9 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Does what it says on the tin - and very well


Door seals tend to come away (simple to push back)

Accelerator potentiometer failed (warranty)

Fan belt went (a bit of a bu***r, this one; difficult to get to multi-V belt; AA nearly got me relayed home!)

Radiator punctured.

A/C radiator punctured.

Erm... I think that's it.

General Comments:

First off, the kids LOVE it (except the eldest, now teenage, for whom it is now seriously uncool). they get tons of room and proper seats to sit in.

Enough luggage space for a family of 5 on a camping holiday - including all the camping gear!

It's damned hard to argue with a reliable 38mpg from such a capacious vehicle - especially given that I (ahem) don't hang around.

The look on the face of Beamer drivers as you sail past them... priceless!

Handles remarkably well (probably because wider than most). Parks in the space left by a (new) mini. Best interior space/exterior dimensions since the Tardis.

Diesel engine unfazed by heavy loads, not quite as fast, but still quite respectable even when loaded to the gunwales. Still a bit rattly when cold.

Some of the trim could be of, shall we say, a higher standard; some of the dealers leave (a lot) to be desired. But the fundamentals are very good - superbly designed, adequately built, and mine has been reliable in all that matters.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2006

2000 Fiat Multipla SX 105 jtd from UK and Ireland


Buy a second hand one and abuse it


Diesel leak at 28000 miles, £100 to fix.

Front spring found to be snapped at 68000 miles. Fiat part quite cheap @ £35 + same to fit.

Slight oil leak,from Crankshaft oil seal since August 2004, but more expensive to fix than leave.

General Comments:

Good value for money. Bought new in 2000 and pretty much thrashed by large family.

Nothing much has gone wrong with this car, and it has coped very well pulling a six berth caravan (fully loaded) and four bikes on the roof - and a few trips to France - last time with three bikes on top, three on the back and a canoe!

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Review Date: 27th December, 2004

2000 Fiat Multipla ELX 1.6 from UK and Ireland


A future collector's item!


1. 'ABS faulty' appeared on the display in extremely cold weather. Apparently this is caused by ice around the braking system and should be ignored (!)

2. Handbrake jammed, again, during the icy conditions locking the back wheels. Revised handbrake and 'anti-freeze lube' fitted by dealer.

3. Leaky sunroof which caused window motor to fail. Sunroom frame and motor replaced, guttering cleared around frame. All paid for by an obliging Fiat UK and my very *helpful* dealer.

4. Exhaust back box replaced at 30000 miles by Kwikfit. The technician claimed it was the easiest replacement he had ever come across!

General Comments:

Before 2000 I would not have touched the Fiat marque with a barge pole (and I actually do own a barge pole).

My brother used to own a 127 and the pair of us have been scared for life.

However, when the Multipla came along I just had to have one. The unique styling was definitely the thing that swung it for me. The car performs well too. I get roughly 30mpg on long trips, which doesn't seem too bad for a vehicle of its size.

However, the aircon does seem to place an enormous load on the 1.6 engine. Turn it off if you plan to drive up a hill in low gear!

Just a quick note about the Fiat dealer network. I am shocked to hear of everyone else's experiences. I have had nothing, but great service from Fiat UK.

Two dealers you might like to try if you are in these areas:

Fish Brothers of Swindon

D.Salmon Cars of Colchester.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2004