16th Nov 2007, 09:05

The reason, I believe, this car looks so strange for many are its proportions: it's unusually short and wide. Now, these odd proportions make the Multipla so useful, as they are responsible for its superior space management.

Being a family person, I don't care anymore if I look good in a car, as long as my kids (age 3 and 6) are happy to ride even 1,000 kilometers in one day, as they did this summer on our trip to Germany.

Long live Multipla!

12th Jun 2009, 00:54

I bought one of these; a 2002 model, which was sitting in a warehouse as new over all these years. Date of purchase is February 14th 2009. Tyres, battery, timing belt and numerous other touch ups were made before car was delivered. Brand 'new'.

Got it for about 60% of original price. Warranty 1 year.

I honestly think it's the best buy for me. Run runs well except for a rattle from the rear sun roof. A water leak from the same sun roof.

Below 3500 rpm, it's gutless but above that it sings. At top speed (I have done 165km/h) it's very stable. Cornering is very good. Does roll a little around sharp bends, but no more than an average car.

Appears to be choosy on the type of fuel used. I usually use Shell but it does not like Shell, this shows at lower rpms. Caltex seems to go well with it... as recommended by the service centre. Never had an similar experience with my Citroens.

Fuel consumption is around 10 litres per 100 kms daily use. Highway is better though.

My kids love this car. As for the design... I love it from day one. It will grow on you. Plan to keep it as long as I can, it has 'classic' value.