18th Aug 2009, 18:02

Just bought a Multipla 110 ELX. Got a few bits to get done on it. Firstly I've got an "air con faulty" message when I start up. Anyone got any idea how to get this fixed? Apart from going to the dealer of course, which is not my preferred option! Also, does anyone know where I can order patent parts from? Don't want to go to the dealer every time!!

25th Jan 2010, 10:45

Have an 02 reg JTD bought from new, 95,000 miles, still runs pretty well, but starting to rattle in the engine bay etc, front sun roof leaks and runs down inside of windscreen.

It's starting to cost a fair bit to keep it going, but it's still a comfortable ride.

The engine fault light comes on every week or so, after which loss of acceleration, especially if overtaking or going up hill - stop, turn engine off, restart, it goes fine again - took it to the garage, they are not sure what problem is, suggested it could be turbo but not sure.

Overall a great family car - ideal for anyone with a bad back.

Although my eldest son (17) doesn't like to be seen in it anymore.

7th Jul 2010, 16:56

Hi. Well I have just bought a Multipla against my better judgement, being a motorcycle mechanic, and hating all things Italian due to their awful build quality, electrical complications and truly sad attempts at engineering.

Sorry that rant is over. Our Multipla was a necessity after our car died. It is a bit battered, and so was cheap. The only real problem I have that I can't deal with is when my wife drives the car, the engine management light comes on. It has a high pitch beep and the engine stops. Anyone had this problem, and what is it?

I will never set foot in a Fiat dealership for reasons that can't be written, as they abusive and offensive.

Any help gladly received.

P.s I only hate it from outside, and as a mechanic it is a lovely thing to drive and once you're inside you can't see how hideous it is!

Yours Wil.

6th Sep 2010, 02:16

For the comments from Wil.

If the engine stalls when the car gets hot and the system management light comes on and if you can restart the engine when cooled down, then I have just had this problem.

The crankshaft sensor needs replacing.

The cost of part around £30. It's a fiddly job as it's at the back of the car.

Hope this helps.

There are Fiat forums for the Multipla and a whole website. Search on Google.

7th Oct 2010, 04:29

I bought a Multipla in June as I was told it was very economical on fuel.

Love the car's layout and roominess, but I have had a real problem with it over revving for no apparent reason and also losing power for no apparent reason. As this happens whilst driving, it is potentially quite dangerous. I took it into a garage locally who thought they had fixed the problem but it still happens - a lot!

Does anyone else have this problem and know of a cure?

My Multipla is 10 years old now and does rattle a bit, but nothing else is wrong and I would like to keep it!

3rd Dec 2010, 07:27

Hi, had my Y Reg Fiat Multipla for two weeks. Great car.

My concern is that the hand brake cable has worn its grommets away, so now the handbrake gets stuck on.

Is there anyone who can help with this problem? Does this cost loads?

I love my Multipla; I've even named him "Pumba"; sad I know, but he looks like a warthog!

4th Nov 2011, 13:47

Hi, I am a car trader. I bought a Multipla diesel. Whilst driving on the motorway, there was a whining noise in the rear. It was worse because it didn't have a parcel shelf, so it was loud. Checked the rear hub bearings on either side, never showed up on the MoT when I took it in. You don't need to get the bearing pressed; it will knock out OK. Complete bearing costs £36, but stopped altogether. The car's OK; sluggish uphills though.

28th Jan 2015, 13:40

Have you fixed this problem, as my car is doing the exact same? Sometimes my indicators work, then other days they won't work at all.

Please email me at gaz.han@btinternet.com.