22nd Jun 2005, 07:21

Multipla owner from new 01 Jt d elx. Replaced anti roll bar, drop links twice both sides, clutch master cylinder, front left wheel bearing, stereo three times, the exhaust fell off at the engine mount, almost forgot the crank shaft position sensor. Will never buy a Fiat ever again. Will look at the new Honda six seater, have four kids.

15th Jul 2007, 10:08

My experience of my Multipla has been very positive. Yes, there have been niggles. But after all guys, the price of a new Multipla is not expensive, so don't go buying one thinking you are buying the ultimate in quality.

It is however a very good value vehicle, great to drive in town, on country roads and motorway with a good high seating position giving a great view. It is easy to park, roomy, versatile, very sociable with 6 seats and economical. It has surpassed my expectations of the car when I bought it.

I have to mention that any niggles have been sorted out without drama and with great courtesy. My wife won't let me sell it if I wanted to.

7th Nov 2007, 17:10

Just bought multipla can't shut rear sun roof. Can anyone help.

30th Sep 2008, 19:42

Bought a 2001 Multipla. She's only done 62,000. Has a couple of issues; a clunking noise from the back driver side wheel area. This is when going over bumpy roads.

Also do all Multiplas make a noise when dipping the clutch?

Excellent on mpg, happy but worried about clutch as I'm a taxi driver!!! Any clues please?

14th Jun 2010, 18:35

Re: noise when dipping clutch. It's the thrust bearings making the noise. In short, the clutch will go at some point (could be soon, could be a year or more).

If the noise has only just started, you have a while until you get gear problems. But when it goes you will notice you lost a gear (normally reverse).

As luck would have it, thrust bearing noise is not part of the MOT :-D.

New clutch mate, pronto.

9th Dec 2011, 17:45

Hi, I've just got this problem on mine (rear sunroof opened itself and wouldn't let me close it, and now the buttons don't even respond). I think this happened as a result of the front sunroof being clogged, and water came in through to the sunroof controls and shorted the circuit. How did you sort the problem out? Please reply to imprints@hotmail.co.uk