1997 Fiat Punto 75sx 1.2 from UK and Ireland


A modern looking car for under £2000


Had to fit new suspension when I first bought the car. The front end had been lowered by the previous owner.

General Comments:

This car is quite quick for a small car, very light on front end round corners and struggles to grip in the rain.

The interior is very good for a fiat. the 75sx comes with central locking electric windows and is well equipped with steering wheel controls for the radio.

Heard many horror stories before buying a fiat, all of which have not come true

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Review Date: 28th August, 2003

13th Aug 2016, 01:07

Love the car. Had it for 9 years. P reg with only 45 000 on the clock. A little belter.

1997 Fiat Punto Sporting 1.2 16v from UK and Ireland


Great car with good power delivery and excellent handling


Nothing really major, just a rattling noise coming from the engine which I found to be a metal plate which just needed tightening.

Rear window washer jet leaked, therefore no spray getting to the window, easily fixed with a small piece of thin plastic.

General Comments:

This car is unbelievably quick for a 1.2 16v, I would say it has got to be the fastest 1.2 16v you can buy in the UK without modifications, faster than a lot of 1.4 and 1.6 cars.

Fuel economy is excellent, I now have an M reg 1.4 Clio which is not nearly as fast, but uses up about £20 a month more fuel than the Punto!

Handling is great, such a fun car to drive, excellent grip round corners too, even with the standard 14" tires.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2003

9th Jul 2006, 06:09

I have two words for you - clio 16v.

21st Nov 2006, 05:42

> I have one word for you - clio 16v.

That's two words.

22nd May 2010, 15:40

The Clio is no way as good as the Fiat Punto Sporting.

1997 Fiat Punto Sporting 1.6 from UK and Ireland


A piece of junk!


The entire suspension on my car needed replaced, but due to it being awful in the first place I had to upgrade it.

Seats have worn badly.

Sunroof leaks like a sponge.

Drinks oil even though there's no oil leak.

Rust appearing at window sills.

General Comments:

Seats are uncomfortable.

Interior is dull.

For a 1.6 they are not good performing cars.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2002

1st Jan 2005, 15:55

It's a great little hot hatch I have one and its great a real eye catcher (no problems)

1997 Fiat Punto 75 SX 1.2 from UK and Ireland


A cheap nippy number with good looks


Electric windows have never operated smoothly and tend to stick if not lubricated often.

Rubber bushes on back suspension wearing out below 40000 miles is a common problem (my previous punto also did the same thing). This causes knocking when going over small bumps.

General Comments:

The engine is superb and I have never had any problems with it at all. I have driven the car to it's limits every day and usually always accelerate to just below the red line throughout it's gears. It seems virtually unbreakable! (The same with my previous punto).

However despite the good engine it does tend to roll a lot around corners and will over steer when pushed (front wheel drive).

The drivers seat has always given me a feeling of leaning in wards towards the gear stick (a feeling shared with other punto owners).

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Review Date: 27th August, 2002

1997 Fiat Punto 55S 1.1 petrol from UK and Ireland


A good all round small car


After 60,000 the bushes on the rear radius arms needed changing. I believe this is a very common problem with Punto's after 60K miles.

General Comments:

A punto is a very good low budget car that should provide years of trouble-free motoring.

The engine is remarkably nippy for a 1.1 and will keep up with most cars.

The interior is of good standard and a lot better than other higher spec small cars.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2002

1997 Fiat Punto 60S from UK and Ireland


Could do better, could do a lot worse


Driver's seat padding appears to be very weak. I only weigh 9 stone, but after under a year of my use the padding seems to have become very thin and uncomfortable after more than an hour.

Head gasket needed replacing, but I understand this happens to over 90% of them.

General Comments:

I like Fiats, I have owned four of them and yes I would buy another. They do not seem to rot like the older ones now.

They may not be that quick, but they seem to be more than adequate, especially for town driving.

Very easy to park even without power steering, but then I have no trouble reverse parking my camper-van and that doesn't have power steering either.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2001