1998 Fiat Punto 60 SX 1.2 from Portugal


It's a fine car for a small family and to the beginners. Very fun to drive and fast to respond


The plastics of the doors were already screwed up, when I bought it, but I feel they are very fragile against shock.

One of the front wheels hits the car body when it is completely turned, to the left I think... even after I made a direction alignment.

General Comments:

It has a pretty high consumption of gasoline in urban circuit.

The gearbox is easy to handle, and each gear sequence is quite short so you may drive at 35km/h and still go on 4th gear.

It has a good maximum speed and great acceleration for a car of it's scale, I should say about 9 seconds to reach the 100km/h and maximum speed of 185km/h.

The suspension is not soft, so you could expect to feel every hole in the road with the serie's suspension.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2006

1998 Fiat Punto 60s 1.2 from UK and Ireland


Unbelievable - a car 8 years old with only 80k miles shouldn't have its engine fall out


The most drastic incident happened last week - when out of the blue, the engine fell off the mounts writing the car off (at only 80,000 miles). The only upside was I was only travelling at 15mph at the time, had it been on a dual carriageway/motorway it would have probably been fatal.

Before its death, it had other problems - the window wiper motor ceased up twice (£95 + vat for a new one).

ECU had been playing up for a while, causing the car to overrev for no reason - Fiat could find nothing wrong and never solved the problem, despite 2 visits to a main dealer.

Head gasket went at 60k, clutch about 55k, front pads at 30k.

General Comments:

When it was working it was great, cheap to run.

For the first 2-years it ran like clockwork, however then it was one thing after another. Hindsight is a brilliant thing, and with it, as soon as it started playing up, I'd look to change.

I'm still in shock about the engine - I've never heard that happening to another car, especially cars of a similar age and mileage.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2006

19th Aug 2006, 01:08

I don't think you can make a complaint about changing brake pads at 30k. Most of the many cars I have owned would average about 30k for a set of brake pads.

24th Jul 2009, 06:37

I've had nine cars, never had to replace the brake pads before 60000 km.

I know a quite similar Punto case, where the oil sump fell off at 110000 km because of the rust.

1998 Fiat Punto 60s Cult 1.25 from Bosnia and Herzegovina


Very reliable city car


Unbelievable, but nothing vent wrong so far. All money I have spent on this car was regular service cost and fuel consumption in past 85000km…

General Comments:

Very reliable car and perfect for the city. Chip on maintenance, good on fuel 6L/100km – average. Not really comfortable, but good enough for short distance trip. Nice interior compare the other ones same class. Outside look – brilliant.

Would recommend to anyone.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2006

1998 Fiat Punto 60 Selecta Auto 1.2 petrol Auto from UK and Ireland


Great car - buy one!!!


Head gasket went at 70000mls, replaced at service. No issues, gave plenty warning signs of overheating. Ran it for a few weeks checking water level regularly before replacing head gasket. Very low cost repair, €45 for parts from Fiat, 6 hours labour.

Rear drum breaks prematurely worn at 25000mls, suspect 1st owner drove it with handbrake on for extended periods. Replaced shoes, no issues since.

General Comments:

Fantastic little car to drive.

Very light power steering in town.

Great fuel economy, great in traffic.

Great handling and breaking.

Very reliable.

Could do with a bit more power, only 60hp with CVT automatic gearbox option. Very nippy around town, but a bit slack on motorway and high speed overtaking.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2006

1998 Fiat Punto Sporting 1.2 16v from UK and Ireland


Great budget warm hatch


Lumbar support in Drivers seat broke.

General Comments:

Excellent fun to drive very throw able.

Very quick revving makes for good thrashing through lanes etc.

Suprisingly quick for engine size with only 85BHP.

Seats aren't as supportive as they should be in a sporting model.

Ride is firm although too high as standard.

Cheap to insure, tax, run etc.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2005

13th Nov 2005, 04:21

I own a punto sporting 1998 and have found this to be a very quick car, for a 1.2 16v.

Cars such as this should not be driven quickly down country lanes, the car is simply too fast for small roads, however on a wide open road it fly's.

As you said it is cheap on tax and as it is on insurance and the fuel economy is excellent.