2000 Fiat Punto Mk2 Sporting 16v 1.2 from UK and Ireland


Its like a nice idea poorly financed!


The clutch went after 5,000 miles.

Then the gearbox mounts went.

The bodywork rattled and then the window washers broke and new ones had to be installed and would you beleive it were very expensive to replace.

General Comments:

Stay away from this car!

At first this car looks like a good car it looks beautiful, it has a nice interior with sporty seats and all the usual extras, but once you start to drive it and the clutch goes you won't be so happy.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2003

8th May 2004, 08:00

I have a 03 plate punto sporting 1.2 16v so far I have had an oil leak the oil light stays on continuously now, a new reverse gear indicator stalks, my steering light flashes 5 times per week but no fault can be found, a water leak into the back foot wells, doors creaking, fans squeaking, and now my CV joint is going to collapse.

2000 Fiat Punto ELX 1.2 from UK and Ireland




Window wiper on passenger side stopped working three times over the short period of time in which I retained the car.

Electric windows button on driver side rarely worked. Required having to put car in neutral, unfasten seatbelt and open door to retrieve parking tickets etc. - never fixed during a service although it was asked to be fixed.

Squeak in driver-side passenger door.

Twice the car failed to start.

The engine coolant dial rose to limits and red light turned on, steam and water started to flow from the engine. This occurred 2 less than two weeks after a full service from a fiat garage. No explanation was given, nothing had burst, no leaks etc - car seemed fine to them. Strange gurgling noise continued from the engine each time car was started.

General Comments:

In general the car had a lovely feel to it and enough power for a first time driver. However it was always unreliable.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2003

2000 Fiat Punto Base 1.2 8v from UK and Ireland


Cheap as buggery and a hoot to drive. Love it


Because it has those bluey-tinged halogen bulbs in the lights they need replacing more often than normal bulbs. And cost a fair bit more (about £8.00!).

Apart from that a smashing little car.

General Comments:

I bought it for work and because I had a child on the way.

My other car is a 6.0 secs / 150mph job so I was obviously expecting the Punto to be a pile of dung.

How wrong I was! I LOVE driving my Punto; it's roomy, airy, fun, cheap to run and has more get-up-and-go than you would imagine!

I've only got the 1.2 and it's a scream to drive.

I opted for the no-frills base model as I didn't want to worry about electrics going zzzt.

And I made the right choice. It's actually MORE fun BECAUSE it's got no kit.

BEWARE: Do NOT use the City button when you are driving - even for a laugh. It is so effective that you will drive into the scenery before you know it.

I love my Punto - get one! Cheap and an absolute scream.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2003

2000 Fiat Punto 8v 1.2 from UK and Ireland


A heap of junk. Do not buy one


Accelerator cable severed after 6mths.

Wiper motor Broke.

Car is now on THIRD set of brakes. Informed that Fiat parts are crap.

Needed whole new exhaust system as it fell off whilst driving one day.

Pre-delivery check had not been done so well, bolts were missing from the engine!

Bonnet release is flimsy, not fitted securely and bonnet will not close onto catch unless slammed down very hard, apparently nothing is wrong with it!!!

General Comments:

Performance is pretty crap 0 - 60 in 13.5 seconds, not so bad in city, but on main roads and motorways you have little confidence in overtaking, especially when some wide boy starts to increase his/her speed.

Fiat have fitted the car with crap inferior parts, this is why they are so cheap to buy.

Handling is poor, front end seems to drift going round tight bends or roundabouts in the wet.

When filling up with petrol the pump at the station clicks off every few seconds due to the safety "thing" in the petrol cap which is really annoying.

Have heard nothing, but problems from other Punto owners, I've actually been quite fortunate!

On the plus side, the car is spacious and feels like a larger car to drive aside from the uncomfortable driving position.

Front of the car looks nice, but the back is quite ugly.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2003

15th Dec 2003, 09:59

Hi it is unfortunate that you hate your Punto so much I have the 2001 8v model and I love it. I had a few minor faults with it, but the dealership has been great, have recently moved dealership as the original one changed names and they have been great at putting the minor faults right.

For someone who wants an economical car this is ideal.