2000 Fiat Punto HGT 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Never buy a FIAT


Brakes, needed replacing at 30,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car is quick, but it is very uncomfortable, for long distance driving.

The Fiat CD player is crap.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2004

2000 Fiat Punto Basic Model (new shape) 1.2 from UK and Ireland


Minor irritations still allow this car to be a corker!


Back silencer of Exhaust fell off at 44000 miles.

Ok ...a word about the exhaust... the back box dropped off at the connection of the middle pipe to the front of the back box. A clean break... bang it went at 70 on the motorway. RAC said that it was because the original ones are a very heavy back silencer. Its a regular occurance for them apparently.

Went to Kwik Fit for a back box to be fitted and they advised me that whilst their replacement exhausts are in 2-3 pieces, the originals are practically in one piece. Thus he had to cut a section of pipe away and hope their back box replacement was not the same size as the original middle pipe. As it happens it was a tight fit, but they were successful. £73.00 and full marks to Kwik Fit (although there was a concern that a middle section would be needed at a £100.00 more...Phew!).

Front light bulb blew and my word, what a problem it was to get the back headlamp housing off, on the passenger side. Only attempt a change in full daylight and when you have plenty of patience. I recall it was immensly infuriating at the time.

£3.00 for a replacement bulb - cheap.

General Comments:

Firstly, I am amazed at how many there are of them. It is stunning to see them lined up in a row on the jammed roads of Manchester. It's like the Fiat Appreciation Club is in convoy sometimes!!!!

Excellent looks on outside. Especially the super stylish rear panel of lamps, which are so much better that those older Fiats.

Super area in the front to hold drinks, phones, books, and all the clutter of daily life.

Boot a tad small for the family shop, albeit we seem to buy out Asda's entire stock of food every week.

I personally find that the suspension seems a bit tinny. Not quite as comfortable as my old sierra, I always feel like its going to bust over the speedbumps that litter Englands villages and hamlets.

The wind screen wash reservoir takes 4 pints to fill it. Far too small for my 36 mile drive to work over the pennines with salted roads and lorries with out mudflaps. I now take a bottle of water in the car all the time.

As ashamed as I am to admit it.... it took me 10 mins and two attempts to find the wind screen wash reservoir, which is basically a little blue cap on the passenger side over the wheel arch. It needs a big sticker saying "WIND SCREEN BOTTLE HERE!"

The car screen does mist up, which on reading other reviews may be due to a leak in the well or arches???? (I'll have to check this out). But the windscreen ventilation/blower does clear it in a jif.

Goes like the clappers for a 1.2 even up hills. I admit it...I giggle and chuckle as I tear past those in the bigger slower cars that are newer than my w reg. It's hilarious. The glee. The pure joy of it all.

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Review Date: 27th March, 2004

24th Sep 2004, 09:11

Hey, I got a Fiat Punto 2000V 1.2, I had the same problem. My back box of my exhaust fell off at around 35,000miles. Wasn't too impressed. It costed around £60 to fix. The front headlights keep on going out. This has happened several times. Now I'm hearing a squeeking noise from the drivers side rear. It happens constantly while I drive. Does anyone know what it could be? Thanks.