6th Dec 2004, 10:16

The noise at the back is the lack of pressure in the tyre mate, I had the same prob. just match up the pressures to every tyre.

8th Mar 2005, 14:50

I wrote this original review about 18 months ago... I regret my perception of this car has changed a tad.

The clutch went... at 53000 miles... and I'm not talking a slipping clutch here... Oh no...

I was plunging the clutch down one day and it felt like it was meeting resistance... There was a clicking on the clutch each time I pressed the pedal. I decided to have the garage sort it... Booked the appointment - Put it in first... wouldn't slip into gear. Crunched it into second and off I went heading towards a t junction and couldn't get it out of gear! Ooo er!

Had to stall the car to bring it to a halt... and tore it out of gear. The clutch was completely stuffed! "One tow truck with orange lights required please!".

Got to the garage (thanks to my red autobreakdown service).

New clutch required... the clutch pedal bar had punched right through the clutch casing and stuffed the insides up totally.

£300 pound repair.

As they were taking the clutch out the middle exhaust snapped of (just one of those things as it was the original middle box). It added to my misery.

And hey guess what... I think the left back suspension is on it's way out too.

Would I buy another fiat... no way... I look for a barge pole each time I pass a fiat dealer now.

Indeed, I should have known better - I used to have a fiat 128 in the 80's and I had to replace the clutch on that too... too much of a coincidence in my opinion. My sierra went to 137000 miles prior to needing a new clutch, by which time it was falling to bits (literally) and had to be scrapped - what a work horse.

Comment from the local general garage whilst booking in the punto... "ah yes... that will be the clutch casing - we've had three or four of those punto's go recently with that fault"

I'm now loosing confidence in the car, but will run it a while longer to see if things improve. I'll keep you posted.

28th Mar 2005, 11:06

28th March, 2005.

I wish that I had read the contribution shown below before I went to Kwik Fit yesterday! The back box fell off my Punto (2002 model, with 37000 miles) yesterday morning, and it was also a 'clean break'. I went to the local Kwik Fit and the fitter jacked up the car, had a look, and then told me that the replacement would cost £190. (What I saw was a complete unit from the manifold backwards.) I paid for it too - stupid! That's the last time I'll ever go to Kwik Fit.

'Once bitten'.

9th Sep 2005, 02:52

I got a fiat punto 2004 that has a a slight, but annoying problem... its when ever I go to the gas station to refill the fuel tank it only takes about 3 liters and the gas gun in the machine automatically stops. Then I find some of the fuel comes out from the car as if the car if completely full where its not really full... I got it 4 months ago and I made 3700 km ONLY!!

20th Nov 2007, 15:15

The back box and my 2004 1.2 Punto have just 'divorced' after 35,000 happy miles. Hopefully I can get it, not the entire system replaced by a friend. I was worried about the Kwik Fit (Look) "..ah.. we've got a problem here Sir..."

I've had Puntos for about 12 yrs, but have always changed them at about 3 yrs old so have not experienced 'long term ownership issues'. I've found the car is practical and inexpensive and I can easily get 60mpg out of this Dynamic 1.2 petrol one. Suspension is 'harsh' and front tyre wear is heavy, but all in all I'm happy enough.

5th Jan 2009, 13:40

My Punto's lights keep going out when I indicate to turn. It's happening all the time. I got told the earth had gone in the back light. Got it fixed, still same old Fiat ha ha. Anyone know what could be up?

19th Jan 2009, 16:21

I got a 2002 mk Punto about 3 weeks ago and already had a breakdown! Was told the clutch has gone and not covered under the warranty, so looking around £200 to fix. I'm already thinking of getting rid of the car and getting another make altogether, and with all I've read about them, it seems more and more like a good idea! What do you think?

20th Jan 2009, 04:29

Clutches go on any car with the right age/mileage, so if you are repairing it, you would hope it should be OK afterwards.

Not a fan of Fiat, but you take a risk buying any car out of manufacturers warranty, and at least you know this car now.

14th May 2010, 18:44

OK, I have a MK2 PUNTO 1.2 2000 reg. No good with two big birds in the back going down hill on a bend :( As soon as the corner turned up, as you do put on the brakes, well it did not slow me down (a big brown one ended up on my seat).

We went off the corner and slammed in to a lamp post. Possibly the car was a dog in past life. Well no good for heavy loads. The car is now waiting repair ££££££££££££. It sounds funny, but not at the time :)