2003 Fiat Punto Active Sport 1.2 8v from UK and Ireland


Fun italian hatch


In 1 year and a half I've owned the car:

1) Drivers window has popped out a few times, coming off the railings, but I managed to pop it back in. Happened only a few times.

2) Power steering has failed about 3 times, but switching it off and back on has solved the problem. The problem has lasted no more than half a day each time it's happened. So far so good.

General Comments:

Love it. Very comfortable, stylish, broom yellow so it stands out and gets compliments.

The 8v is nippy if it's just me and a passenger in the car. However carrying 3 or 4 people the car starts to struggle.

Very cheap to run and economical round town.

Besides the two niggly bits of the power steering and window coming out which have been rectified... the car has been excellent. Passed its MOT with flying colors, serviced the once I've had it and major expenses needed. Only expenses it's needed was for the service.. new oil and air filter.

I strongly recomend the Punto. If you look around for a good one I'm sure it won't let you down. If you go for the 1st one you see it might drive you mad.

Very good solid car, which always makes me smile. Looks great, cheap to run, very good sports kit for the money. spoiler, 15" alloys, sports bumpers front and back, fog lights, sports seats, silver dash, CD player, electric windows, trip computer.

Only thing I would considering changing is the 16v for the extra grunt. Quite hard to find a 16v, but the advantage of the 8v is it's much cheaper to insure and run, and also more reliable :).

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Review Date: 16th November, 2008

2003 Fiat Punto Active 1.2 from UK and Ireland


Love the car, but all the problems I had, have put me down


My back box exhaust went at 21,000 miles, and I took it to the local garage and got it replaced with a new back box.

The gearbox went at 40,000 miles, and I took the car back to the dealership. The customer services are not that good, and won't replace it under the 2 years warranty due some problems with where I took my car for services.

Just recently my whole clutch system went when I drove back home from work, so I has to call out the AA to tow my car home.

General Comments:

The advantages: It's pretty quick for 1.2L and handles the roads pretty well. It also grabs people's attentions.

However the seats are uncomfortable when drive a long distance.

It keep up well with the motorway traffic.

But I'm considering of getting a new car (ideal: Suzuki Swift).

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Review Date: 18th January, 2008

1st May 2008, 06:40

Updates: I have just bought 08 Reg Suzuki Swift! Love it!:D

2003 Fiat Punto Active Sport 1.2 from UK and Ireland


Great first car


A couple of months ago my exhaust starting blowing; I never had any intention to get a sports exhaust, but I thought I might as well; this only cost me 300 hundred pounds, money worth spending in my opinion, because it sounds sweet.

I need a new horn because the old one sounds like it's being choked, which isn't very pleasant. Also, my driver air bag warning light has started to come on, so I guess that's going to cost me a bit.

One thing that I wasn't happy about, was I didn't get a spare wheel in the boot of my car, I got one of those puncture repair sprays that you spray in the valve, then pump it up. All very well if it's a little puncture, but if it's a slash, I'm up a creek without a paddle.

General Comments:

I have had my car for over a year now, and I think it's a fantastic little car. This being my first car, I didn't have any expectations, but I have to say I'm very happy with it.

I've replaced the air filter and the old cassette radio for personal reasons, swapping to a K&N air filter and a JVC CD player.

But overall I would say I'm very happy with this car, and I would definitely advise someone starting off to buy this.

I will miss it when I sell it, but needs must!!


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Review Date: 4th June, 2007