6th Aug 2002, 08:11

I would generally agree with the previous comments.

My car has seen an almost endless list of things which need attention. All shocks have been replaced along with the rear radius arms. The front bearings went recently and one of the bearing carriers with it. The sump weeps oil and another leak exists which I have to live with owing to the cost of repair. I continue to experience strange noises from the steering which come an go, but defy attempts to trace their source. I find myself constantly having to decide whether to part with car or spend the money.

On the plus side I like the design and performance of the car and its interior is good for a car in this price range. However sadly the car is badly let down by it's build quality which is compounded by extortionate main dealer charges for parts and labour.

14th Apr 2003, 11:38

I have had a 55SX from new (95) and have spent/done very little on servicing (apart from usual brakes etc)

It's done 102K, new clutch at 40K, new sump at 90K (easy to replace and only cost about £40) new engine seals (not head gasket), timing belt at 102K, new brake lines 100k and new brake disks 100K.

Rear exhaust every 3 years - but those weren't Fiat exhausts. The only major annoyance was one of the ignition coils failing - again easy to chance (£80 pair). No problems with suspension.

29th May 2003, 04:02

4500rpm @ 70mph? my 55SX (5-speed) runs 4000rpm @ 73mph...is your clutch slipping?

16th Oct 2003, 04:18

I have recently purchased an 'N' reg Punto, 5dr 55S, In the month I have owned the car it has spent 3 weeks in the garage, just one thing after another, today its the sump gasket, there is oil everywhere, last week it was the number 4 piston. The car was running on only 3 pistons, hence loss of power and burning oil.

I had heard good things about Puntos and we bought it as a second car as a runaround, it is looking like a mistake at the moment though. I wanted to get a Micra originally, but was put off by the awful engine noise on any that are over a few years old. I think I would be tempted to swap at present!

Overall I'm disappointed with the mechanics of the Punto. When I go round corners I get the steering noises as mentioned previously by fellow owners. Also, can someone tell me why the exhausts are at a strange angle? Surely this just increases the chances of feedback vibration/noise on the heat shield, which is another thing I am putting up with.