26th Jun 2006, 14:43

Hi, I made the comment on the 12th of june. Just thought i'd report back to say my new punto arrived to replace the one that got written off. It's a 2002 sporting in the light metallic blue. Just passed 50k miles on the clock, but no real signs of wear other than a few stone chips. The point I wanted to make to all people considering buying an 8v is don't do it! Buy a 16v instead!... they are way better!

The bigger wheels, lower profile tyres and better suspension make the car so much more sure footed (bit harsher over bumps though). The brakes are much sharper and have ABS. The car is a fair bit quicker and much better behaved in 1st gear (8v used to be quite jerky). The most surprising thing as well is that its actually doing 7mpg more than my old 8v.

Its comes with a bit more kit inside than the active sport too: side + curtain airbags, map lights, rear head-rests, more wiper speeds, leather trimmed bits n bobs, electric sunroof etc.

Its just a better car. great stuff Fiat!

8th Jul 2006, 12:39

I cannot but agree to most of your comments. When I bought my new Punto in June 2000 I couldn't have imagined what a mistake I was going to do. It seems that the automatic revving, the power steering motor failure and head gasket failure arrive standard with every Punto.

The automatic revving when the car is not on gear started almost after 2 years. The feel of people looking at you as if they want to tell you "Hey we know that you have a gas pedal, but do mind not pressing it", especially when your in a busy road is awful.

The power steering motor failed after 30000 miles and almost immediately I have all the symptoms of a head gasket problem (the car overheating, with no problems with the radiator). Now the car is at the mechanic again its second house.

When I read about the other problems you mentioned mainly the exhaust, gear box and clutch at around 50000 miles I really tempted to try to sell it to some fool who think that Fiat are good cars, after I carry out all the repairs.

The problem is I wonder whether there are any fools left that don't know that Fiat are crap cars. Don't even bother to think about buying a Fiat when you're going for a new car... it will result in a nightmare... believe me!!

21st Jul 2006, 06:49


I brought at 2000 W reg Punto, regretted it ever since! Within a couple of months the car was over-revving which resulted in a new throttle body, then the alternator packed up and now my power steering keeps cutting out. Won't be buying Fiat again.

If anyone else has had the same problem with their power steering do you know the remedy?? I've heard lots of different stories: replacing the shaft, entire column, just the motor. I'm at a loss as what to do! Any ideas would be appreciated!

1st Aug 2006, 13:26

I have read mostly just bad comments about the Fiat Punto, so I want to say something about mine 1.2 8v, X reg.

I bought it last march 2006, from private seller. Until now I made nearly 14 thousand miles (it had when I bought 54.000), and haven't any problems with it. Of course, when I bought that car, I checked everything carefully, paid attention to every noise that it made, and fixed what needed to be fixed (on that I have spent around 100 pounds).

Previous owner wasn't looking properly after the car, and sold it (I think) because she was thinking that car is starting to fail, losing power (I found why the engine was not powerful enough, and was using a lot of fuel - spark plugs still were original, not changed in 54.000 miles!!!).

I just returned from holidays in Europe, where I was with my Fiat Punto. In two weeks I drove 4000 miles, on the way back non stop driving 25 hours (just toilet and refuel of course). Engine didn't fail driving in + 35-38 C degrees on German autobahns with speed at most time 95-100mph (and like that from one petrol station to another - couple hours).

I think that biggest problem is not with Fiat factories, but with drivers attention to his - her car. No offence, I just want to say that not all of us are mechanics and can understand when car is just starting to be "ill" (when it's the best time to fix it).

Until now I'm happy with my Punto. Maybe when I will make with it 100.000 I will stop.

17th Aug 2006, 05:48

Well, well.

I would ask all "Lada fans" not to crap about Punto.

You know it the best car in it's class, won 5 stars on Euroncap crash test, car of the year 1995 and 2000, the most reliable car in the world.

I had Punto 55s, now I'm buying second hand Punto 1.2 16v, and can wait to drive it.

19th Aug 2006, 09:08

Hi, I have been looking up the forum, looking for a solution for the excessive revving in my Punto. I had a driving instructor suggesting to me to disconnect the battery connection to the car and reconnect it over night. He said that the electronic... whatever... records the drivers style of driving the vehicle. And if your car had a previous owner, disconnecting the battery might just work.

I disconnected my battery in the morning on the way to work (I had a friend picking me up). Reconnected after 9 hours in the evening and the revving has completely stopped. It's been a week now. No revving. Try it, and for those who are not sure of disconnecting the battery, please get someone who knows how to do it.

24th Aug 2006, 02:49


I have recently bought a second hand w reg punto and I need to get the wiper linkage replaced, does any one know roughly how much this will cost?

7th Sep 2006, 14:47

I own a Fiat Punto ELX 8v 2000 model.

After 21K miles the cylinder head's gasket had to be replaced. At around 25K airbag and p/steering lights started to flash, but the p/steering was working OK. It took me 3 visits to the garage to fix.

Today I had the motor of the power steering replaced.

What's next!?

17th Sep 2006, 15:36

Bought a 2000 Fiat Punto 1.2 8 Valve in February with a modest 42,000 miles on it. Clutch needed replacement within 3 weeks of purchase, battery died last week and then my head gasket went the other day! I'll have spent half of what I paid for the car again on fixing it! Never buy a second hand Italian car. They are rubbish.

27th Sep 2006, 12:19


I've got a 1.2 W reg (2000) Punto base model 5dr with 32,000 on the clock. No real problems with the car, could do with a new battery, but that's about it. Any ideas of how much I should expect to get for it? I'm the second owner of the vehicle. Thanks.

8th Jan 2007, 18:41

Shudder when I read back at how poor these cars really are! After around $4500 in bills (New Zealand) in 6 mths I sold my Punto Sporting, and replaced it with a Mitsubishi Diamante. What a good idea - had not one prob with the Mitsi - buy Japanese cars - Italian makes are really poor in comparison. I used to drive the Fiat with my fingers crossed - now I own a real car! hair dryer on wheels is very apt descritopn for Puntos - no, in fact its offensive to hair-dryers - they should not be on the roads!