14th May 2008, 05:57

I own an HGT and look after it with regard to the servicing. The only modification I have is a GSR induction kit (which I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to change their filters. It's much better than the K&N or Pipercross alternatives and comes in considerably cheaper too.

I couldn't help notice some guys claim to have hit over 130 though!! Mate, if it's on You Tube then please post the link cos I think we'd all love to see that! I'm guessing that the best any of us are going to see on that video is 125mph top in an HGT, even with light mods! Does the video clearly show that you were going down a very steep hill at the time!?!?

15th Jun 2008, 16:21

I have a 20V Turbo Coupe and it blows the HGT punto into the weeds. If you think you can keep up with a 20VT in a car with 100bhp less you are wrong. If you manage then the 20VT driver is not trying hard.

My coupe did 0-100 in 14.5 seconds (when standard) which is 2 seconds faster than a Civic Type R.

26th Jun 2008, 19:16

I have owned an HGT, and to start with it was a real nice car, with all the goodies you can ask for, but... it isn't as fast as the 106 GTi / Saxo VTS everyone seems to compare them with; both of those cars handle and are faster cars, despite being down on power. But this car wasn't and still isn't intended to be a competitor.

As for beating cars such as a Type R or Fiat Coupe Turbo, that's just silly.

Overall a really nice car with a few faults. Mine suffered the variator problem, but that was it, so a decent motor.

22nd Sep 2008, 17:46

I'm from Manchester. I have an HGT, saying it tops out at 125 isn't true. I've done 140 without putting my foot to the floor - I still had some to go.

27th Sep 2008, 13:28

Of course you have, I bet you could get more in reverse - give it a try!

13th Jan 2009, 22:09

All this talk of the HGT against the VTS is nonsense, they aren't competitors! Look at the equipment levels of the 2 cars, the VTS has little or nothing, but the HGT is kitted out. The VTS was always meant to be a fun fast road/track car, the HGT is a quick grand tourer!

Straight line wise, the two cars will be very close, in fact, at high revs, the HGT WILL be quicker than the VTS, but in the corners, the VTS will have an HGT for breakfast (unless you fit my fat tyres, then the HGT will grip longer than any Saxo!), but that's what the VTS was designed for, the HGT wasn't!

Fiats in general are reliable engine wise, it's the other bits that let it down like electrics... but I don't see many Saxos/106's being glitch free either!

As for the variator, it won't do the car any harm running even with one that's totally broken, you just won't have as much torque low down and it will sound a bit diesely, but will still run okay, hardly a reliability problem!

Oh and power wise.. Fiat lie, it isn't 130 bhp at all, I had my car rolling roaded when I got it, totally standard it put out 144.3 bhp :D, a few tiny mods took this to 160bhp!! I'd like to see a VTS keep up with my HGT! It's twice the car of any Saxo and far better looking!

30th Mar 2009, 07:29

People make me laugh on sites like this, saying VTS's and 106 GTi's are faster than a Punto HGT!!!

I don't know where you have got that, they only do 125mph from... my cousin's got a 1.4 Sporting Punto 05 plate standard and that will do 125mph with ease, and my HGT was good for 135mph standard, now with print outs of 164bhp, it will go a lot faster and get there even quicker. And that person on the first page about his VXR; they ain't worth racing, for the money my Corsa c20let only cost me about about 3-4 grand to make one and he would not be a race, and if he thought so I'd race him for pinks!!!

30th Nov 2009, 06:12

Right if you ain't ever own or driven an HGT, then really you can't give them a bad comments. As you really do not know what sort of cars these are. I owned one for 2 years, it was yellow, one of the best colours you can get, and the power you get for money is damn good. I'm running Supersprint exhaust and the best GSR induction kit, which I think you can get for the HGT, and my HGT is 100% mad, and fast ain't the word.

And one more thing, get yourself one, then comment.

17th Nov 2010, 04:34

I'm 34 years old and have owned many cars including a Punto Hgt, Clio sport 172 & 182, Civic Type R, and now own a 2009 Focus RS.

The Hgt is a very underrated car. It's quicker in a straight line than the published book figures, I would also say it's quicker in a straight line than a Saxo VTS (both stock). But the problem is it just doesn't handle well.

The Clio Sport 172/182 were identical performance wise, the same goes for the Ep3 Civic Type R, absolutely nothing between the three. While the Hgt was fast, it couldn't compete acceleration/handling wise against the Civic or the two Clios.

We're talking Punto 127-130 BHP per/ton vs Civic/Clio 165-167 BHP per/ton in standard form.

From my experience, the Hgt is similar in performance to the Saxo VTS, Pug GTI, Mgzs 160.

Oh, just in case you are wondering... the Focus RS is in a different league altogether.

9th Jan 2012, 02:37

Hi peeps, I've just bought one and OMG!!! Fast is not the word.

And just to let you Saxo lovers know, yes your car may be quick, but believe me, you wouldn't want to crash one, as they are like tin cans, and are by far one of the worst cars safety wise. I know, I have owned one before you ask, and yes it was fun, but I know I have the better car out of the two!

2nd Jun 2013, 17:11

I had my Punto put on a rolling road. It came up 137 BHP as standard.

They're good cars, very fast and very solid engines, but the electrical faults are so bad with them!! I will never own another after I sell this one! As much as I love my 2004 HGT, it's cost me hundreds, if not into the thousands, as they cost a fortune to fix!

I also owned the 1.2 Sporting on a T reg, and you know what, I never had a single problem with that car, but thought I'd upgrade... I've enjoyed the HGT, but wish I'd never bought it as it's worthless when they go wrong. It's only done 48000 miles too.