8th Mar 2006, 09:09

Not that I usually get into the 'mines faster than yours' arguement, but I have an Astra GSI redtop and my brother has a Y reg HGT. We have raced and the Punto just can't live with it. Fact.

19th Mar 2006, 17:40

I have had two Punto HGTs 1.8 and they have lots of common faults like gear box and engine mounting breaking down. They are fast, but not as quick as a Clio 172 which I now own. The Punto is very poor when driving into bends at high speed in wet weather. Insurance is far to high, The car does around 28 - 32 Mpg. Save your money and buy a different make.

23rd Mar 2006, 03:23

To the people who have one of these cars - given the choice, would you have another?

The general opinion seems to be that yes, they are reasonably 'nippy' and fun to drive, but wouldn't buy another.


25th Mar 2006, 13:08

Big deal. Had mine rolling roaded at 153.6bhp with just a closed carbon filter. Plenty of in gear torque, bloody quick if you ask me, as it doesn't weigh much.

26th Apr 2006, 12:23

Slower, same power, less torque and more weight than 1.4gt.

5th May 2006, 09:02

I have bought a HGT. I pick it up tomomorrow. I agree that they are very fast as I have driven one before! The only reason people don't rate them very high is because they haven't got one! They will probably have a Nova or a Saxo. There is nothing wrong with those cars, but come on, don't you think they're a bit COMMON!!!

18th May 2006, 19:21

I have a hgt and it is a good car, not very rewarding for the driver though as you don't feel totally involved like you did in the old hot Clio, s (RSI,16 valve, Williams).

The car is definitely better in life than on paper and mine more than kept up with a civic type r on the m40 all the way up to 130mph. I don't think this car can be beaten for value for money.

I am now after a 182 any opinions on the 182 when compared to the hgt would be appreciated.

27th May 2006, 06:08

I have had my hgt for three years now this little carr is the fastest hatch I have ever driven (great fun).

I have had some headaches though, I brought it three years ago on a 2002 plate only a year old then and the cam variator went, fiat replaced under warranty, but since then I have had another two fitted making three in a four year old car!!!. the variator goes about once a year can anyone give me advice on why this is happening or is another part causing this. p. s the car has only done 35000 miles to date.

27th Apr 2007, 02:23

To Solve the variator problem just make sure that the car is serviced at least every 5k miles, the variator lives of oil and needs nice clean oil to stay healthy, I have been changing my oil regularly every 5k and the car has been fine, most of the cars that have variator problems have just been neglected with regards to servicing and oil changes.

27th Apr 2007, 09:55

Whatcar.com says the HGT does 0-60 in 8.6. Can't see that beating a Saxo VTS, which does it in 7.5 or 7.2.

Either way, it's faster than the unreliable Punto. And don't even start saying it's faster than the ST170; that's ridiculous. I think all the comments at the start of this thread, were from the person who wrote the review, trying to make his car sound fast by saying he's beaten cars that he clearly cannot beat.

Before you ask, I don't own a Saxo, but my Astra VXR would eat all the cars mentioned on here.

28th Apr 2007, 12:53

I find the quoted figures for the HGT to be a bit harsh, the 0-60 is more like 7.8 to 60 than 8.6 or 8.0 which Evo quoted, the HGT pulls a lot better than the VTS as it has a lot more torque.

I know which one I would rather be in, something that's maybe point 2 of a second faster, but with such an outdated interior / flimsy build quality and the fact they are so common, or go for the hgt which has better build quality a lot better interior and all the toys you need plus you don't see a lot of the roads.

The HGT responds very well to basic breathing modifications as the stock intake system is very restrictive, people are seeing great increases in power and torque when changing for something such as a BMC cda.

I don't think the reliability of the car is bad at all, yes there is the common variator problem, but as I said in my previous post if you service it regularly and change the oil it shouldn't be a problem.

Perhaps the people who Cristie the HGT should test drive a good one, they will probably be surprised you get a lot of car for little money.

p.s I don't think a standard HGT would beat a CTR, but then again how much more expensive is a type R.

ST170's are surprisingly slow, was not impressed at all so could see why he said the HGT was faster.

29th Apr 2007, 01:44

Why would anybody listen to a word you say. you have just said fiat are reliable for goodness sake.

2nd Mar 2008, 14:05

I have a Punto HGT, and it is a good car. You lot are all on about bhp, but what about torque; the Punto has 165NM of it; that's nearly double most cars like the VTS and GTI, and more than the ST170. And they say 0-62 not 0-60.

I have beaten VTS, GTS, and even a Golf mk5 GTI, Clio 172, Starlet Turbo, Escort Turbos, Fiesta ST.

My Punto has 154bhp standard, which is more than you are supposed to have, but all HGTs are like this.

My car has been up to 145mph chasing a WRX and a Coupe 20v Turbo; then I gave up.

3rd Mar 2008, 04:29

Hi there. I'm a big punto fan and after having a 1.2 Punto for 4 year I needed to change. I do a lot of miles. The Punto Grande had just come out. I took a test drive in the 1.4 model. it was not bad, but then in the corner of the lot stood a pre reg 2005 Punto HGT with 50 miles on the clock. went for a test drive. that was it paid £ 8500 for it and it rocks. I love that car. its like a go kart on steroids and I shocked a few drivers on the motorway. ha ha what a blast.

Buy one.

3rd Mar 2008, 11:34

A Punto doing 145 LOL; it wouldn't be stable at that speed, it would take off like an aeroplane, but it would land again very quickly and end up in 1000 pieces.

5th Mar 2008, 02:30

I'm guessing he means 145mph on the clock, so probably about 135mph if measured accurately.

5th Mar 2008, 10:24

I'm guessing that the whole thing was a complete lie because a punto would struggle to get over 120 they wouldn't do 135.

28th Apr 2008, 07:34

If you have doubts on the speed, then go on youtube and it's all there for you in black and white. I have an HGT and have hit 150, so its possible with a good run. I also have a 20v turbo if I need a good race for the track.