31st Jan 2001, 15:38

I'm sorry, but I have to disagree.

I'm a mechanic, most cars I see in my garage are Fiats, some of them are turbodiesels. Puntos had the 1.7TD engine fitted in them, and these engines turned out to eat as little as 4 litres for 100 kilometres. Even 1.9 TD Tipos can do it with using only 4.5 litres!!

You should look for a specialist for a tune up, and try to quit those negative brainwaves!!! If there is anything I can do for you, mail me: Deltamark2@hotmail.com

4th Mar 2001, 15:19

I owned a TDSX from 94-99 and had stupid little problems from the start. But after six months, the car was reliable.

The engine was powerful, reasonably economical i.e. 42 winter, 45 summer mpg. My Focus only gets 38 mpg. I think the mechanic's right, there must have been tune up problems.

4th & 5th gear acceleration is better than most 2.0 16v petrol cars on paper.

A practical roomy car, cheap to run and service. Mine looked like new when I sold it so they do last

11th Oct 2001, 12:36

The 1.7 TD is one of the most nippy and economical engines. I am also a mechanic and proprietor.

30th Jul 2002, 07:00

Hi, I'm from Holland and I'm very glad I found this page.

I have also a 1.7TDSX from October 94, it is a good car.

The only arguments I can get are the gearing and the turbo.

The gearing, because I wish there could be a 6th gear in the gearbox, the car is a wild screamer in 5 at 140 km/h.

The turbo because at 140 km/h and higher, the red led-light on my dash will burn, and that's not good! The manual says the car has a top-speed of 163 km/h, but that is only possible when you are driving downhill!

21st Jan 2003, 10:53

I owned a punto TD and have to disagree with all negative remarks made towards them!!! I at one point was only returning 300 on a tank, but it turned out to be a faulty thermostat causing it to never warm up properly! Hence running permanently rich! Great cars, great overtaking ability, would have another one tomorrow!



23rd May 2003, 17:20

I have to say, I changed from a Citoen Visa Diesel to a Punto TD 60 and was not impressed! Yes, it is a nice car, but the engine sucked! It was exchanged within 6 months to a Punto 75 SX, which I have kept going to this day, despite it costing a lot. Can't help wondering if my old Citroen is still going strong!

9th Apr 2004, 15:38

I have a 1998 TD60S and I am quite happy with it. It does run better with a diesel additive such as Red X, but, as I tend to put supermarket fuel in, that's no surprise.

Around town it's ideal with a light clutch action and plenty of low down grunt (unlike some TD cars I have driven which are sluggish, then suddenly shove you through the back window!). Average is about 45mpg.

The handling is great, but the brakes are a bit spongy. Surprisingly for a 6 year old car the rear of the radiator looks shot to pieces - but I'm used to VW's where things like that are still good at 12 years old. And the parts prices - £138 for a radiator on a Punto - Yikes!

19th Apr 2004, 06:34

4th & 5th gear acceleration is better than most 2.0 16v petrol cars on paper.

LOL! That is the funniest thing I have ever heard.

25th Jun 2004, 05:44

I have a 1994 TD and I'm very impressed, she's clocked up 164.000 and still starts first time ever morning.

Performance is good too, I was suprised the amount of pull it had when I test drove it, as for fuel consumption I was equally impressed even when booting it!

No problems with bodywork or electrics even for a 10 year old car, and the engine still very much lively!

2nd Aug 2004, 13:59

I have had a Punto 1.7 TDSX for 4 years, and find it economical, and very reliable, it has never let me down. New glow plugs, and trailing arms (common fault) are all I ever needed - except regular oil changes and cambelts.

Good miles per gallon and plenty of pull, often not changing out of 5th gear to overtake even.