1987 Fiat Regata 70 1.3 cc 12V from Greece


I have it in my heart


Well only my dashboard broke once and I was replacing the exhaust once a time per two years. Also the usual rust.

General Comments:

I've gone hunting, to my farm and I made many trips with the family in it. Never failed me. Even when I stuck in a river (the engine was running perfect) and when I made a 230 kilometres trip with 3 cylinders.

That car had very good performances. my 99 corolla 1.3 16V sucks.

Very good spaces.

It had more equipment than most of the cars of these days.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2006

8th Jun 2006, 15:25

I bought a brand new Regatta 70s in 1986 and used it for mini cab driving, in which I did 112,000 miles in 2yrs and this car never let me down, never ever.

I tried to kill it once by driving it through some ones fence and into their potato field, but it still got me home!.

The biggest let down was when it came to sell it, an 80% loss was hard to swallow.

1988 Fiat Regata 85 S Weekend 1.5 carb from Finland


Comfortable, gutsy car that fell victim to rust


Rust was the main problem. For example, big holes developed under the plastic door guards, and the bottom edges of all doors looked like lace. The rear part of the exhaust dropped on the road.

The electrical system comes a good second as a troublemaker. The cigarette lighter always blew a fuse darkening the dashboard, clock and interior lights (and who knows what else), and one of the 10A fuses regularly put one parking light and one rear light out of operation. I always carried a dozen spare fuses in the car. The fault was never localised.

The windscreen wipers suddenly stopped working. Naturally, this was the muddiest time of the year in late autumn, so driving without wipers was pretty nasty before I found a replacement wiper motor.

In general, the model was so old it was getting hard to find spare parts.

General Comments:

The car was fast, quiet, warm and good to drive. I did more than 100,000 km in 3 years. Not bad for a car that was 13 years old to begin with.

The Regata Weekend (the estate model) has excellent luggage space: the compartment swallowed a bed, a full-size fridge and once a load of three 150-litre refuse bags full of horse manure, two shovels and a bale of hay (for gardening, in case you wonder).

I was really sorry that the car crumbled to pieces; its mechanics were still fine, but rust got the better of it.

This tough little piece of engineering refuses to die. After I took the car to a scrap yard, the yard sold it on and 7 months later I had a phone call from someone who had seen it abandoned on a country roadside and wanted to buy it for a field car. (Apparently whoever owned it after me never bothered to re-register it as the plates still led to me.) Way to go!

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Review Date: 21st October, 2004

1988 Fiat Regata 85S 1.5 from Egypt


It is my best friend


Some problem with the electronic pieces.

Just some normal problems.

General Comments:

This is the car which you can say "That is really good car".

It just perfect car for me.

It did a lot of good stands with me.

Recently the radiator fan just stop cause of electricity,I had to drive it that day "In my country we have a hot weather & it was in the summer" The traffic was really unblievable, but the car was just like a great friend who stands with you to the end.

It is our family car, but when I start working I think I will buy a "regata", Tempera or one of their family, but generally fiat.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2004

22nd Jul 2006, 21:03

I am from egypt too & I Have Fiat 131 I love it >>> I love the sound of twin cam motor 96 hp >>> I love fiaaaaaaaat.