2006 Fiat Scudo jtd SX combi 2.00 diesel from UK and Ireland


A fantastic small business vehicle


Nothing at all.

General Comments:

Fantastic vehicle, very comfortable, and a dream to drive.

It is so silent, it's hard to believe it's diesel powered.

I have owned a few vans, but this one is the best, I have ever driven.

What a joy to drive.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2006

2000 Fiat Scudo 2.0JDT 2.0 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Great van when it runs which is not often


Engine mount collapsed, caught cam belt and trashed a rocker and valve.

Loom burnt out.

Fuel computer died.

Gear selector mechanism failed.

Now it conks out when warm and will not start until cooled down, any suggestions?

General Comments:

Performance, size and use is fantastic when it is running, unfortunately this is not very often.

This is the first and last Fiat I will ever buy, which is a shame as it does everything I want of it very well except for its reliability.

Any clues to the previous question about it stopping when warm?

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Review Date: 14th June, 2006

8th Nov 2006, 12:37

This individual buys a car that is 5 years old, over 100K miles. They make no mention of service history or who they have had to attempt a repair on this vehicle, which probably means it's not actually been to anyone who knows what they are doing. As they say, it does everything they want it to do, but for the sake of spending a little money with someone who knows what they are doing the ownership experience is poor, much like their review.

23rd Oct 2007, 07:27

Even if it been fully serviced it would not affect the engine mount, its not a serviceable part, and he has a right to his opinion same as you or I.

1st Aug 2009, 09:48

My Scudo 1.9 JTD goes like a rocket, but it suffered the won't start when its hot routine. I was told that it was the main diesel pump = £800. Could not afford to fix it. So had to use it to get to work for 6 weeks and now the problem has disappeared and it runs fine. Very odd.

2002 Fiat Scudo 1.9d from UK and Ireland


Watch this space


Just picked up the van, having previously test driven it in town. Struggled to get 70mph on motorway (less on slight incline. Checked the handbook and it states 85mph. As its only done 27k I'm disapointed with the performance. Is this normal performance or is there a problem?

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Review Date: 5th May, 2006

6th May 2006, 10:55

It might loosen up a little more as the mileage increases, but you have simply got a very slow car. I think the bhp is around 65, and the weight is something like 1200 kilos. Unless you have the turbo diesel, which should be more than adequate, I don't think there is a problem with the car.

9th May 2006, 11:43

The van gave up the ghost on Monday after 3 days of ownership. I travelled about 3 miles and couldn't get above 20mph, and noticed smoke coming from the exhaust. Luckily it was under warranty, and the dealer was very helpful, sending a driver out to me with a courtecy van.

They phoned me today to tell me that they had to change the exhaust as the catalytic converor was clogged. Hopefully when I collect the van on Thursday it will be OK (fingers crossed)

14th May 2006, 14:28

Well, got the van back on Thursday, and its running fine. Not knowing much about vehicles, I'm a little confused as to why a catalytic converter would need to be changed after 27k.

21st May 2007, 12:18

On the exhaust problem. I had an old Honda Civic (I know it's a PETROL CAR) that began to suffer from loss of power particularly on motorways. I thought I had dirty feul/ blocked filter / dodgy feul pump and tried all sorts to fix it. This problem popped up about 2 years and 25,000 miles after a new exhaust was fitted.

Driving over the mountains one morning to work and managed to pull my back box off on rough roads. Got lots of noise etc. but picked up the box only to find the inside rotting to bits.

Got a replacement and the difference in power was unreal.

If your exhaust is even partially blocked it can trap moisture in the engine, muck up your compression ratios, prevent exhaust gasses from escaping and all of these can make it difficult for the engine to fire up (diesel AND petrol alike). Sounds like the scudos come with dodgy exhaust systems...

2000 Fiat Scudo 1.9d from UK and Ireland


I have a problem with the mileage display on this van in that it has just gone off. everything else works on the instrument panel, but for some reason I can no longer see how many miles I have covered. Don't think that it's a bulb or a fuse, but feel it may be a problem with the computer?? but I hope I'm wrong. Has anyone out there had this problem and can help me before I try getting out the instrument panel to see if indeed it is a bulb. keith.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2006

6th Mar 2006, 05:40

The bulb is blown.

16th Mar 2009, 15:29

Definitely bulb blown. Have just replaced mine.