22nd Mar 2001, 11:51

My Sporting regularly exceeds the clock speed (indicated 120mph+) with only a slight downhill. Holds 105mph easy on flat sections, 95mph on a slight uphill. Minimal modifications. (K+N Induction kit only). Would recommend tyres with 120+ rating though. You wouldn't want a tyre blowing out at that speed!!!

26th Mar 2001, 07:29

That's because the speedo only has to be accurate to the legal limit, ie. 70 mph, where it can read up to 5mph over. 120 mph, keep dreaming. Read road tests, even with proper timing equipment, a Punto GT will only just do 120 mph!

24th May 2001, 09:31

There is no way that a Seicento Sporting is faster than cars with 1.6 litre engines like VTR's and Zetec-S.

But not being able to maintain 80?? Theres something wrong with yer car mate.

14th Jul 2001, 17:32

The 'official' speed of the Seicento Sporting is 93mph, but that is because of an Italian law for new drivers, the real top speed is between 105-110mph. The gearing in top gear is roughly 20.5mph per 1000rpm and peak power is at about 5500rpm - you do the math!

18th Jul 2001, 07:14

My 2000 SX maintains 85mph on motor-ways easily. Agree with comments re new price and face-lift, very irritating. I want alloys but can't afford Fiat ones, is there any other older small car whose wheels would fit?

23rd Jul 2001, 14:25

My Y-reg Sporting is wicked. K&N induction kit, 15" alloys, high lift cams and performance heads, and a superchip. Twin exit DTM exhaust. My Fiat is heard from a mile away. All this lot cost 5000 and it will do 117 max, but its speed off the block is amazing.

2nd Sep 2001, 12:24

The Seicento Sporting is a great little car. Provided of course you don't get a dog. It can happen with any type of car.

I have owned both a Cinquecento and Seicento. Both have been OK. I would say that they are slightly underpowered in the standard form. The 1273cc engine from the Punto would be far better. If your Seicento does 80mph - Get it fixed.

14th Jun 2002, 13:05

You are all talking rubbish. With wind drag above 95 miles per hour in theory the seicento will make 104 on paper top speed. The ECU tester at our garage states that a true 101 BHP is needed at the flywheel to get any faster than that. I don't think your air filter quite makes it capable of that! My prepared punto HGT pushes out 151 BHP and begins to struggle at 125 mph! unless you have modified the body to be shaped like a bullet then you are all talking out of yours!!!

21st Feb 2003, 08:49

I bought a black Seicento Sporting (98) for 3K and five days later, the clutch lunched itself, luckily she was still under warranty!! My general view of the car is that it is a sweet little motor and a good first car with good pulling away from the line, can anyone point me in the right direction for some modifications. (eg. Wheels, induction kits, Suspension, Audio, Body Kits etc.) Please contact me on: Eddgreen@hotmail.com any advice would be greatly appreciated.

29th May 2003, 08:32

HOW ANNOYING?! I've had a V reg Fiat seicento for 6 months and it cost me about £2500. We thought we'd got a good deal, but I discovered today that I need a new gearbox for £1000. I could have got a much better car for £3500. I'll never trust a dodgy dealer in a back alley again!

1st Jul 2003, 15:57

I just got a seicento and I can't find any body-kits anywhere, and I haven't seen any kitted up. What is going on.

16th Oct 2003, 04:55

I've been running my 99 Sei sporting for 2 years now, I've had to replace the gearbox once, but that can only be expected the way I drive it!! (Drag racing at Shakespeare county didn't help!!)

It's modified with a K&N 57i and Supersprint Cat back exhaust. It's a cracking car.. I'd recommend one to anyone..

If you have one, join the Yahoo group Cinqs and Sei's, all the advice you need can be found there..

Just need a 1242 conversion and suspension and I'm sorted!



19th Nov 2003, 07:28

I have owned my Fiat Seicento Sporting since April 2001, and have loved it ever since. It may only be 1108cc, but it rockets off the lights much too many other drivers shock! The real thing with this car is the handling, show it a bend and it will glide through it at speeds that even my previous car, an Uno Turbo, could not have done. The only disappointment with the Seicento is that Fiat have not made a 1.3 litre Turbo version, would probably push 115BHP like the Uno Turbo, but being only 750KG (plus a bit of extra engine weight) would wipe the floor with any VTR/VTS or other small sporty hatch that would dare to challenge! FIAT YOU SHOULD REALISE YOUR PRODUCT'S FULL POTENTIAL!

5th Aug 2004, 09:15

The early model Fiat Seicentos has been recalled due to rusting petrol tanks. If you can smell fuel get it looked at by a fiat dealer as the replacement tank repair is free! happened to my T reg Fiat Seicento Sporting, but it all better now :)

2nd Sep 2004, 12:20

I have a 2002 Fiat Seicento. I have a K&N filter on it and I get about 170km/h DOWN HILL. I feel like to put in a Uno Turbo engin. Is there someone that has done it and can tell me more please e-mail me. bbrtcemile@yahoo.com.

2nd Mar 2006, 15:09


In October 2005, I bought an S reg Seicento Sporting from my dad's garage. Although I'm still only a learner, I've been learning to drive in a brand new Renault Clio, while also practicing in my Seicento, and I must admit, the Seicento handles way better, you get a better feel for the size of the car, and it has no problems whatsoever with my amateur driving skills.

It's a gorgeous, nippy, hardy little car, ideal for young drivers like myself.

I was wondering though, do all 2001 Seicento Sporting's come with spoilers? Any help would be great.


11th Jun 2007, 04:44

Hello my names Jesse. I have a Fiat Sci Sporting Abrath. Mine has done 60,000 miles. My Sci is very fast for a 1.1; mine will cruise at 120mph. I love this car. It's an S reg. First I had a smart car 0.6 Mercedes engine - quickest car ever. Would even kill my mate's VTS until 90! Then the limiter would kick in LOL. Then I had a brand new Jimy red jeep; it was lush with all the mods, but I much prefer this Sci - it's nippy as hell!

11th Jun 2007, 13:32

120 MPH from a 54 HP 1.1 I don't think so lol.

27th Nov 2007, 07:47

Hi, I have got a Red Fiat Seicento Sporting. Since I have had it I have had nothing but trouble with it. I have had the clutch cable repaired 3 times and it has just gone again. Now I have to buy a whole new clutch. My thermostat went and my brakes seized up. I also have trouble with first and second gear. Although its speedy taking off I just don't think its worth the money.

18th Jul 2008, 12:51

I have a 2000 Fiat Seicento Sporting 1.1 with 105000 miles on the clock, no mods, and I can get 105 mph easy.

Very nifty wee car. I would say to anyone go get one. Group 1 insurance, very cheap to run, and at todays petrol prices, the high mpg is very handy.