10th Aug 2008, 10:49

Hi - Just bought a 53 plate Seicento - love it but having trouble getting mats to fit - any suggestions. Very nippy, insurance has come down by £100 and half the tax - who's complaining. Lovely little car - just have to get used to the pedals so close together.

21st Aug 2008, 06:43

Looking to buy one, but would want to fit a turbo to the 899cc lump. This is not a joke, as I have always had turbo cars. Can anyone help???

8th Aug 2009, 06:21

I have a yellow S reg Abarth Sporting. I can do 100mph, and reckon the car would go faster if I wanted it to.

The people saying they don't believe they can go that quick obviously have never driven a Seicento.

I absolutely love my car, I have had problems with getting into 1st and 2nd gear, and the handbrake is on its way out, but I would still recommend a Seicento to anyone looking for a first car; they are well worth the money.

25th Nov 2009, 16:52

I don't have a Fiat, but if I did, I'd sell it.

7th Nov 2010, 05:10

Looking at buying a X reg Fiat Seicento 1.2 Sporting, 7300 miles on the clock, black. Am worried about comments on the clutch, can anyone advise, sounds like a good car, only thing wrong with it was the rear windscreen wiper is inoperative. Is £1200 a good price from a trader?

6th Dec 2010, 16:46

Brilliant price, go for it. Don't worry about the clutch, it's a common fault for the 1999 models.

I was wondering how can I make my Seicento faster? It's not a sporting, it's a "s", and I have done 80 comfortably, but there no rev counter in mine. How can I make it faster?

I was thinking about doing the camshaft, but where can I get a performance one from???

7th Dec 2010, 13:11

The 1242 Punto 60 engine is easily converted in the Seicento Sporting. It just slots right in and you can use a 1.2 16v Punto camshaft, GSR or Focus induction kit, 4-2-1 manifold and chip.

Check www.fiatforum.com

30th Jul 2011, 19:04

Hey all, I've just got a Seicento Sporting Abarth. I've driven a few before and loved em, but mine has a problem; sat at lights, it sometimes tries to cut out, but gives itself a kick and comes back in. I look like an idiot revving my car at lights, and I have no filters in my filter box; is this a problem?

14th May 2012, 16:38

Not sure if this is too late, but I had the same problem with a Punto... turned out to be a faulty water/coolant temperature sensor. Think it was blue... caused the revs to go up and down when sat at the lights. Fluctuating between idle and 2.5k revs.

1st Oct 2012, 15:55

My Fiat Seicento 1.1 Arbarth does 117mph tops, and that's been turbo'd and remapped. No way will a standard Seicento do 120mph ha ha.

29th Oct 2013, 13:02

I agree my friend; same problem, I needed a new clutch and gearbox.