30th Aug 2003, 11:17

My Stilo 1.6 Active 5dr has been a problem since day one back in November 2002. It has had all the problems you mention, and most of the others listed on this web site.

The dealers just don't know what to do. They have been overwhelmed with the problems with the Stilo.

No wonder Fiat is in serious financial difficulty.

The current warranty bill to Fiat for my problems stands at £4000 and rising. It would have been cheaper to replace it.

My advice is keep pestering the dealers, and bombard Fiat with letters. They will get the message one day, but by then they will have gone bust.

26th Feb 2004, 14:16

Hi, I too have had all sorts of problems with my Fiat Stilo Active. I purchased it in 2002 when they came out and have tried talking to both Fiat and the dealer about the vehicle, did anyone get anywhere by pursuing this course of action?. I liked the size of the vehicle and the internal space it offered, good enough to drive, but I feel the build quality is suspect. any follow on comments from all you other Stilo owners out there?

29th Apr 2004, 07:25

I have been running a Stilo for the last 14 months. I find it a pleasant car to drive albeit a little underpowered. I have had my share of problems:

New clutch at 8000 miles, front tires worn at 5000 miles, new rear suspension, new front shocks, new wiper motor, central locking problems. Very frightening when you can't get out of the car never mind getting into it. Of course I've had most warning lights flash at me sometime or other. But for all that, I like the shape, fuel consumption for me runs at43 mpg if the computer is to be believed. Would I buy another one? If Fiat had responded to my problems, perhaps, but as it stands, NO!

10th May 2005, 13:27

My Stilo is 2.5 years old and I have had no problems with the car until February of 2005 when pulling out from a junction, my engine management light came on resulting in me having to fork out 170 British Pounds for a number 1 Ignition Coil, 4 weeks later the same thing happens and number 2 Ignition Coil needs replaced, unfortunately my car was involved in an accident (not my fault, I hastened to add), after 2 weeks in a garage being fixed, The symptoms of dieing revs and a burning smell are back. Is this common, for a car of this age? I have not had the car serviced through a Fiat Approved Garage so my Warranty is Void, is the Ignition Coil a serviceable part? Please anybody HELP!!!

25th May 2005, 05:15

The Stilo has been one of the best cars I have owned. (Over the years I have owned at least 12 cars of various makes mostly Fiats) I now have in excess of 50,000 miles on the clock and it has not had any repairs done to it. In town I get 38 miles to the gallon and on runs of about 400 miles it gets 49.9 to the gallon. The car gets servicing at the required intervals by a small local agent.

12th Mar 2006, 08:06

I have just bought a 54 plate 1.4 active with 8000 miles on the clock. My only grumble is road noise (starts at 30 MPH) and the obligatory engine failure message and engine icon permanenty on the screen)

Any views on these two problems would be greatly received.

28th Mar 2006, 12:24

I purchased my Stilo 1.6 Dynamic in March 2005, since then I have had some real problems with the car as follows: Petrol cap snapped off when fuelling the car. Air bag warning light consistently on supposedly repaired under warranty prior to purchasing the car. Lock mechanism snapped when trying to open the door after overnight frost. Front drivers side spring sheared off while driving the car, this is a real safety concern beware, Fiat willing to repair even although car is out of warranty. The car has only covered 46,000 miles since new, after a recent main dealer service I have been informed the car needs new front discs, a new gearbox and a new radiator. This is car has had more faults than all the cars I have owned over the last twenty years 15 in total.

18th Aug 2008, 16:50

I bought an 04 plate, 1.4 stilo in March, been running fine until tonight - the car stalled then engine failure appears and the clock/date/computer all reset!!! Went out later on and the car stalled again and reset its self, making the steering very stiff, tried to do a turn in the road and the steering would lock, then make a thudding noise and I could see the headlights dimming down and coming back on again. Very scary ride home when the steering feels wrong. Does anyone know what this could be?

30th Jan 2009, 03:48

Bought a 1.4 Stilo Active Sport 54 plate in 2005. Got it home, then took it straight back to get the radiator leak fixed.

Took it back a month later to get fuel injector number one fixed, was told the sensor needed cleaning.

Went back again a week later and had the faulty fuel injector replaced.

Took it back a couple of weeks later and had fuel injector number 2 replaced, same problem.

The car was recalled to have a metal plate welded over the suspension springs, so that when they snap they won't ruin the tires, and I can drive it to a garage to pay to get them fixed. Fiat claim it is due to salt erosion that causes the springs to go, but my sisters spring snapped after 2 years, that's some strong salt!

Now makes a knocking noise when going over bumps due to "slight play in the suspension", but it will cost about £1000 to fix.

Cheers Fiat, never again.

8th Jun 2009, 10:52

I've had nothing but trouble with my Fiat Stilo too. It's a 02 model and I keep getting that little 'beep beep beep' airbag failure, engine fault, stop engine!!!

We all know what FIAT stands for!

22nd Jan 2010, 12:19

Hi, I'm Stilo owner from Norway. I have had a lot of trouble with my 2002 Stilo. It should not be allowed for a car company to sell such a car. Airbag failure every time I move the seat. Engine failure beeps all the time. It is something all the time. My worst car ever. We all know what FIAT means: Fix It Again Tony. Does anybody know what the engine failure could be?

18th Jun 2010, 04:17

I have airbag failure light on constantly and switch the beeping off by pressing the mode button... I have a 2002 1.2 Stilo... just bought it a week ago... now making a noise going over speed bumps etc... afraid to take it too garage due to the expense... I didn't pay a lot for it though; £800... so may just resell to recoup my losses after reading all these reviews!!

2nd Jul 2010, 12:13

We have a 2002 Stilo.

Can anyone tell us why these airbag & engine warnings come up all the time?

Re above...

Noise over the speedbumps is probably just where it is very low, we get that over larger speedbumps, sounds like scraping.

Had an MOT done today, anyone got any ideas as to how much the offside front lower coil would cost to fix???