17th May 2005, 08:42

I have a 2002 Stilo Dynamic 1600. At 30k I had to replace all 4 tyres due to wear on inside of front tyres and wear on outside of rear tyres. The mechanic told me that all Stilos he had changed tyres on showed the same wear pattern. Looks like Fiat need to look at the suspension geometry both front and rear!

27th Jun 2005, 14:43

Greetings from Estonia! I have had my 3door Dynamic 3 year already, mileage is 65000 kilometers and I don`t see any tire problems in there, everything is correct and all tires are like ones. In the past 2 years I have traveled with 215/45R17 tires and now I have 205/55R16, the only problem I see - if the wishbone (trailing arm) rear side rubber is damaged, then it wear down the inner side of tire (logical :-)

I see you have only problem to find AXLE MASTER with good experience and well calibrated equipments.

13th Mar 2006, 12:33

I think that when European cars are adapted for right-hand drive for the UK and other RHD markets, they move the wheel to the other side and that's it! You'll notice that most of the time the handbrake is left on the left, and I'm pretty sure that they don't do anything at all to the camber set-up of the suspension.

26th Mar 2010, 16:35

Bought one of these in 2006, mostly because of the looks, and because it was relatively cheap for a 2 year old car with 13k on the clock.

Now it is nearly 4 years and 66k miles later. This has been a very good car - cheap too, just servicing and 4 new tyres, apart from the front sub-frame support member, but that was driver induced failure (hit a kerb at high speed and kinda bent it a bit).

Changed cam-belt at 72k... £45 for the belt and tensioner, and took 1.5 hours, which I reckon is not bad.

It's not terribly fast, though it keeps up with the traffic - we aren't planning on entering the Le Mans, so not having a top speed of 150+ or 0-60 in 0.0005 seconds isn't going to worry us. It gets from A to B in good comfort at relatively high speed, using not much fuel and it looks good.

Overall this has been a good buy.

21st Sep 2012, 19:03

Had this car since 2006, and it's been pretty good. In that time it has covered over 107000 miles in our care, and still drives as well as when we bought it (at 13000 miles). Just added cruise control (£5 for some wire and £43 for an Alfa 147 control stalk, which fits just peachy). Cruise control is ace!!!

OK, the thrust bearing burnt out at 108000 (£400 for a new clutch), the front top suspension turrets cracked at 105000 (£200), and the exhaust went (£200) at 110000, but you can't have everything ha ha. 122000, and still going strong.

Front passenger bulb is a pig to change, and it isn't a Golf, but it has sharp styling and is a very comfy ride.

We thought about replacing it, but we can't see any car that is better, unless we spend a small fortune, and as it goes so well, no rust and is generally pretty reliable, we'll keep it for now.

We'd have another one if they still made 'em :)