19th May 2006, 14:36


In January 1981 my family bought new a left over 1980 Strada. Orange with a beige/brown interior. It was a great car to drive and to this day I love that car. Unfortunately, I was a teenager and drive the life out of the car and it died at 80,000 miles - I killed it. The body was badly rusted, the window cranks broke, the heater almost never worked and the dash lights quit at 25,000 miles. Despite the various issues with the mechanics of the car, it was a great car. I'd buy one tomorrow. FYI - they were made in Spain by SEAT.

I agree - the Strada was a car much better suited to Europe than the U.S.


22nd Jun 2008, 09:09

Back in 1979 I purchased a new Strada; drove it out of the showroom. Lime green, 4-door hatchback, 5 on the floor with A/C. I used the car for work and travel. On the highway I was averaging 48 miles to the gallon. Never checked for city driving. Draw back was electrical, had problems with the fan motor. Fuses kept blowing, until I replaced with an in-line fuse. Also had to replace front struts every so often. But, seats were so comfortable use to do 420 mile trips (one way) without fatigue setting in. It was a fantastic road car. Never had a problem with rust, drove it through snow and ice storms had good traction. Always started in cold weather, it was very dependable not like the "Fix It Again Tony" stories heard about this make car. In 89, had a major accident was told the car rolled three times, but I was able to walk away. The cab held up, although the paint was scrapped off the sides and roof, hood and hatch back were bent. The car was totaled. It was a great road car, got great mileage.