1994 Fiat Tipo cool dude sport 1.4 300bhp super-turbo from UK and Ireland




Everything, wheel fell off on the motorway, steering wheel snapped off due to, speedommeter stuck on 10mph, violently shakes as driving along normally, rust all over, lights work when they want to, horn goes off when you put the indicator on. I wasted £75 on this car.

General Comments:

Rubbish, useless, never buy one. AH.

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Review Date: 24th January, 2006

26th Jan 2006, 10:49

How can you pretend to spent £75 pounds for a car and expect to work? In my view you been a little foolish, and this is not because I mean to offend you. I apologize if I have just done so. But believe sometime £75 pounds is not even enough to take your other half out for a meal. I hope this help.

1994 Fiat Tipo L720osb 1.4ie from UK and Ireland


Get a better car


The gear stick was hard and stiff, the pedals are rock solid its is as if you are trying to kick a solid rock football.

Lights cover were broken and need replacing and and the right wing mirror was cracked that needs replacing.

Central locking is broken.

General Comments:

It is a very nippy little thing considering its size. When turning full lock the wheel makes a funny high pitch squeal. Not bad for a first car insurance is worth more than a car. You know what it is for a young person to get there first car. I can't really say much it needs to be looked after and treated right.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2005

21st Jan 2005, 00:38

Try not to use full lock frequently as this puts stress the steering pump.

1994 Fiat Tipo 1.4 ieS 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Best car available for the money


Front near-side indicator keeps playing up, probably just a loose connection.

Both headlights failed, bulbs replaced.

Oil pressure warning light flickered on very briefly, oil level checked and was below the minimum, was topped up and nor problems since.

Power steering makes strange noise on full lock.

General Comments:

Seems quite unreliable to say I have only had the car a few weeks, but these are really just niggling, easily corrected faults, apart from the power steering which is worrying.

Supremely refined car, very quiet at all speeds and has great engine not if pushed hard. Performance no more than adequate below 3500rpm, but after that there is a surge of acceleration which belies the engines small size. Pulls like a train in 5th.

Wonderful handling and steering, very quick turn-in, this is at the expense of ride quality which is rock-hard. Some would find it jarring, but it is at least well-damped.

Interior plastics very hard and cheap, all in all not very well put together. Trim quality seems great however. The seats are in perfect condition and they seem comfortable on short journey, but I think they look that last tenth of support on longer ones. However the car easily redeems itself by having the most roomy interior of any car in its class, before and since. Easily as roomy, if not more roomy than a Mondeo.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2003

24th Apr 2003, 19:44

Update - Car still going well at 64500 miles, just had new brake pads fitted after old ones wore out, but other than that nothing other than the ever present power steering pump noise. Just about to put it through it's first MoT with me. Fantastic car.

6th Mar 2006, 08:55

Have no fear, the noise you hear from the power dtearing is nothing to worry about, try not to use the full lock too much & when you are using the full lock, try not to strain it, I also have a tipo turbo, love it.

10th Mar 2006, 11:31

You should be concerned about the power steering, if it is noisy, then either the pump is knackard, or some of the control actuators - either way, your steering may lock up or go very heavy on you.

Get it checked.