1994 Fiat Tipo ie s 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Sluggish money eater


Suspension at the service I had as soon as I bought the car.

Oil pump failure requiring complete engine rebuild.

Wears the tires down very fast

Exhaust Manifold problems.

Brake Pads and Disks and cables needed replacing.

Both front seats tore in same places.

Recently failed a MOT and its simply not worth paying the bills to pass it.

New exhaust pipe needed.

General Comments:

This was my 1st car and it is my last fiat it has cost me so much and has spent more time being fixed then it has on the road, I wouldn't have another fiat ever. however nice legroom in the back, but there is no power, or acceleration at all, really the only good points are the handling after I put wider wheels and tires and the comfort in the back, long journeys are no hassle with people in the back until you break down which happened to me too many times. And with insurance in group 7, above a Corsa SRI which I am looking at which has a considerable lot more power it is a joke to pay for. I spent total about £4000 easily on bills, the car, petrol, and insurance for 6000 miles, that's about 70p a mile is it worth it??

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Review Date: 12th September, 2002

21st Nov 2002, 03:56

We have had a FIAT Tipo i.e. S, for 10 years, and I don't agree with the comment. It doesn't need tyres changing as often as is written in the text.

The 1.4 engine is powerful, but the seats have torn after 9 years and 200000 Km.

We still didn't change the suspension (it's a little uncomfortable, but not too much).

The things that broke are: the electric motor of the right front window; because of not good maintenance. The rubber on the doors and back door leak a little.

So I think that the FIAT Tipo is a good car, more beautiful than other cars of that era.

1994 Fiat Tipo ie S 1.4 from UK and Ireland


A cheap good quality family car


Rear brake light bulb blew.

Rear washer tube kinked - needed a tailgate strip down to fix.

Front windscreen washers take ages to start flowing.

Seaps oil from the rocker cover.

Started making a low pitched whining noise at 3500 RPM.

General Comments:

Most of the above have been easily fixed.

The car is huge inside with tons of front and rear leg room, build quality is good for a Fiat, and considering it's only a 1.4 it certainly keeps up on the motorway, although acceleration is un-impressive. Power fades away at higher RPM very quickly, it has no low down torque though and hates you driving below 2000 RPM.

The Tipo is quite tall and sufferes a bit from body roll.

I get 36 MPG.

Overall a very good quality car for the money, I paid £1000 for my M registered late '94 Tipo which is pretty good, and considering it's galvanised hopefully it won't rust like some of the early Fiat's. The body metal is very thin so watch for dents and scratches, the tailgate is fibreglass so at least that will last forever.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2001

1994 Fiat Tipo 1.4 ies from UK and Ireland


For the love of god, don't buy a Fiat


Clutch wore out at 63,000 miles.

Rear wind screen wiper motor seized up.

Car stalls intermittently when hot - needed new temperature sensors and throttle control.

Oil leaks from the rocker gasket and in the injection system.

General Comments:

Comfortable, spacious car.

However very poor electrics and extremely poor running at lower revs.

Major headache having to repair it constantly when I only bought it under twelve months ago.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2001

14th Mar 2001, 15:12

I have a 1989 Tipo Diesel with 199,600 miles on the clock. ALWAYS starts first time, never cuts out - hot or cold. We are so pleased that my wife bought a new Fiat Marea 1.6 ELX and she is delighted with it and only one problem - rear shocks replaced under warranty.

4th Jul 2001, 05:28

I've got Fiat Tipo 1.6 DGT. Even though it was in very bad condition when I bought it, it never let me down and now I've repaired it back to how it should have been, it has never let me down.

I love Fiats, I had an Uno 45 before this one and that thing surprised me as well (it did 100 mph on a 903cc engine and a 4 speed box, and it had 85000).

Don't slag off Fiat.

1994 Fiat Tipo ie 1.4 petrol from UK and Ireland




Failure of engine speed sensor at an early stage causing intermittent stopping when engine warm.

Failure of electric window winding mechanism.

Car would not start shortly after delivery, no adequate explanation from the dealer as to the cause. At time of this survey the car has failed again, suspect fuel delivery problem, car immobilised pending, suggestions appreciated. No jokes please.

General Comments:

Good body but reliability due to Fiat's notorious electrics is a major problem.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2000

14th Jan 2001, 16:22

I had a Fiat Tipo 1.4 ies (L reg) and it suffered that same problem of cutting out when warm - this was explained to me as a problem with the fuel injection (potentiometer) and was relatively (£60) cheap to repair (but don't go to a Fiat dealer, as they tried to charge over £500!!)

I've just bought another Tipo (M reg) and this one has a fuel injection warning light which lights up sporadically, although there doesn't seem to be any actual problem - any suggestions?

20th Feb 2001, 12:45

I have the same problem. Mine cuts out when warm all the time. Apparently this is due to the temperature sensor and has cost me 720 pounds sterling. My Fiat Tipo is an L reg petrol injection. Also my clutch has worn out on me after only 62,000 miles which seems rather low.

Craig Palmer