1993 Fiat Uno Formula '90 903 cc from UK and Ireland


I will never part with my good old FIAT UNO!


When I bought the car it had been lying around for about a year (not coverd) and badly rusted.

Vacuum Servo Unit has gone and the car is currently off the road until I get it fixed.

Fuel blockages if I go below a quarter tank of fuel.

General Comments:

What a fantastic car for its time, in all the time I have had it I have done nothing to it (mainly because I don't have the money) not even a service, and it still keeps running!

At the moment it is off of the road because the servo unit has gone, but considering that I had to drive from Glasgow to Sterling in it everyday it was fantastic.

903 cc engine is marvellous! From the lights I have beaten many a Vauxhall Nova! Can touch 100 mph on a good day and fuel economy is great.

I love my uno and will never part with it, and can't wait to get it fixed!

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Review Date: 6th April, 2003

1993 Fiat Uno 45s 1.0 from Poland


Noting special, all right.

General Comments:

Happy car, good for beginners :)

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Review Date: 25th June, 2002

1993 Fiat Uno Start 1.0 from UK and Ireland


Cheap and reliable


Replaced radiator fan and petrol tank.

Water is getting into the foot-wells from somewhere. Some days the foot-wells can have 1/2 inch of water in them, other days there is none at all even if its chucked it down both times.

Indicators and rear de-mister temperamental. Found out the cause was the fuse box situated under the facia on the passenger side. Easily knocked when getting in and out of the car.

General Comments:

It has proved very reliable and cheap to run.

Runs out of steam going uphill.

Cross-winds on motorways make driving 'interesting'.

Enough room in the boot for several bags of shopping.

Cabin quite roomy and provides good all round vision.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2002

1993 Fiat Uno i.e 1.0i from UK and Ireland


The worst car on the market!!! Stay clear


Nearly everything that could have gone wrong went wrong.

Brakes wearing away (which after I got changed made no difference), usual wear and tear. The brakes are very bad in this car.

When I say every thing went wrong, I meant everything in the engine. I would explain everything but it would take too long. Briefly;

Because of "Fiat Fuel Injection", which is not 'injected' at all, just an Italian con. All this refers to is the electronic regulation of how much water, oil and petrol to mix. There are several electric components here that kept failing intermittently, and then like magic work again.

The Head Gasket blew and needed skimming.

Clutch Fluid needed filling every other day - garage could not find a leak.

Tyres changed too frequently (may be due to the lack of power - too much wheel spin).

There was a problem with the exhaust system.

The indicator lever clip broke.

The windscreen wiper blades did not fit properly.

Used to scream in sound when pulling away, like a Formula 1 car going 200mph, except I would only be accelerating from 0-20mph, and very slowly too.


No credibility.

General Comments:

Overall, I feel it would have been cheaper to own a Porche 911 for a year than the amount of money that I lost on this car.

I will never buy a Fiat, and I was so disappointed that I will never buy an Italian car again.

I would suggest if you read this review and you are considering getting any Fiat, DON'T, it will be the biggest mistake of your life.

If you are considering a first car, don't buy this car, insurance is not low enough to justify just how bad this car really is.

The interior is not too bad, however, it is not too good either. But it is comfortable as it is quite big on the inside for a small car.

There is only one good thing about this car. If it is your first car, because the driving is so difficult compared to any other car I have ever driven, you learn how to drive properly and so when you come to drive another car, you will be better than most of the other drivers on the road. This applies to how fast you can drive too, the reason for this is that because it is so slow you are always racing, and you learn how to get the most amount of speed possible out of a car. It's not much, but it is something.

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Review Date: 24th January, 2002

10th Mar 2004, 03:27

The original review author does not appear to understand how an engine works: "...the 'fuel injection is an Italian con.. it just controls how much oil, water and petrol to mix...". What on EARTH is he talking about? Mixing water with fuel and oil? The Fiat Uno IE models are equipped with very reliable and well-proven Bosch "Mono-Jetronic" single-point fuel injection, and electronic ignition. No mixing of water is involved... (in this or indeed any engine). Also, if he chooses to buy a car with a "lack of credibility", why did he buy it in the first place?

I had six months and 6,000 miles of dirt-cheap, very reliable motoring from a 999cc 1993 Fiat Uno IE (through a particularly cold Scottish winter), which only ended when the fuel tank needed replacement (I could have done this at reasonable cost, but by that time I wanted something bigger - it wasn't the Fiat's fault that it was too small for my needs...)

If I need another small cheap car I'll certainly consider another late-model Uno. Don't criticise things you don't understand.