1991 Ford Aerostar 4x4 Eddie Bauer 4.0 from North America


Too many repairs and too dangerous!


Engine overhauled 6 months after purchase.

6 master braking cylinders, new transmission after Ford incorrectly installed rear brakes then claimed the transmission was too old to be responsible for the repair.

Rust developed 4 years after purchase, and Ford claimed the 10 year rust warranty does not cover it.

Air conditioner died after 3 years, front axle replaced at 110000km along with a driveshaft.

Just about everything else has broken at least once.

General Comments:

Never missed a scheduled oil change at every 5000 km. Always repaired things the moment a noise developed. There was always something breaking or weird handling or computer problems. Friends of ours with the same model were almost killed when the the computer engaged the throttle at full in a parking lot when shifting the van into 1st gear. Stay away from this model!!!! More importantly the dealers never knew how to fix the problems.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2000

19th Jun 2003, 10:52

1991 Ford aerostar 4wd Eddie b...My parents bought this van with less than 20k miles... They had constant problems with the brakes and electrical system... they gave it to me two years ago (at 80k miles)...It is presently (as usual) being worked on for transmission problems...again...replaced transmission last year, also alternator, brakes, radiator, entire front end, brakes, dash lights work intermittently, but not the fuel gage or speedometer, brakes, hoses (that are strangely shaped can only be purchased from dealer and are of course very expensive), oh, yes and the brakes. The oil is leaking...somewhere, access to repair ANYTHING is at best a pain. The interior has fallen apart and this vehicle is always putting out new and entertaining noises. The engine is good, but if it ever does need to be overhauled I'm told the body has to be hoisted off to access it. This is a very loud van, conversation after 45-50 mph is impossible, conversation with someone in the back stops with anything more than an idle.

I live on the coast... but do not have problems with rust and this van still looks nice. Even though it was given to me I feel I have way over-invested in very unreliable transportation. I hope that this was just a bad year for this model but doubt if I'll ever know, as I will not consider owning another ford for along long time.

4th Feb 2004, 20:45

The first few years that Ford put out the electronic 4x4 Aerostars there were many, many problems. That also applied to the 4.0 V6 and Eddie Bower the first few years they were put out. However, the 3.0 V6 XL version are very very reliable.