1994 Ford Aerostar LX 3.0 from North America


Great value


I purchased this vehicle used with 93000 miles on it, considering the good fortune and many miles (135000) I got with my 1990 Aerostar decided I would take a chance on a newer used one.

It took me a few months to iron out all the bugs. The one major problem was it was overheating. After several radiator flushes and thermostat replacement, I found that the former owner had placed a large piece of cardboard behind the AC condenser in front of the radiator. Removed the cardboard and resolved the overheating problem. Then I found several sensors had failed, (probably due to overheating problem) after replacing the sensors the van ran like new. I got excellant gas mileage, and great performance. But for some reason I bought a new 2003 minivan and sold the Aerostar. I now regret selling it. Best used car I ever bought. Considering the problems with it resulted from prior owner's stupidity and not any mechanical faults with the vehicle.

I'm sure the new owners are very satisfied with it now.

General Comments:

Great fuel economy

Easy to maintain

Very roomy, lot a cargo space.

I wish Ford didn't stop making this vehicle, I'd buy a new one without hesitation.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2003

31st Jul 2009, 03:24

This is a best vehicle you can buy for the money. You can find one for around $500 or less. Most of them will be running condition. I suggest you get a repair manuals and maintain your own vehicle. It's a mini van with a plenty of room to do lot of things. It can be a work car or a family vehicle. If one breaks down, buy another one and fix it up. No excuse not to own a vehicle I would say.

1994 Ford Aerostar XL 3.0 V6 from North America


A decent minivan with a great engine


I have tortured this vehicle and it has held up well, however, from the time that it was brand new to now (198,000 miles) a few things have broke.

My power steering pump started acting up, holding the steering wheel in a turning position you could feel the pump struggle, it was replaced without much effort and was fairly inexpensive.

The transmission went out, and to have a "rebuilt" transmission installed it cost me $1,500, which is a lot of money to me.

The differential broke, the van still drove, but made a clinking noise, I got a whole new rear end (from one drum to the other) for cheap from a junkyard and its been fine so far.

I've had to replace hoses and belts just as you would on any vehicle.

The heater valve sprang a leak and the local auto parts store (no names mentioned) had a part for the Aerostar, the problem was it was completely different and didn't work. I ended up using one that was supposed to be for some Dodge car and it works fine and I have had no problems with it.

The radiator sprang a leak well after 100,000 and was replaced fairly easily.

General Comments:

With all the things that have gone wrong with my 94 Aerostar you might be thinking that it's a piece of junk. If only you knew how I drive this van. First of all let me tell you I'm 18 years old. I've raced (and beat) Honda Civic's, Honda CRX's, Toyota Corolla's, Ford Explorer's, Full-sized Chevy Pickups, Chevy Astro minivans, Chevy S10's, Ford Rangers, Ford Thunderbird's, Even mid-90's V6 mustangs, just to name a few, not too bad for a MINIVAN ah?

Now how dumb am I racing my minivan? How dumb are you when you lose to one! With how I treat this vehicle I believe the problems I have had are minimal. Despite all problems I have had with this van, the only time it has ever left me stranded somewhere is when I stopped to get gas and it would not start back up cause the battery had died. With 198,000 miles this vehicle's 3.0 V6 runs perfect. I have had no problem AT ALL from the engine. I have raced this engine to red-line many times and it still doesn't smoke or anything, it always starts right up and with reasonably high miles is very dependable. I am very pleased with my Aerostar and if I could go back to when I bought it knowing what I know now, I would buy it without hesitation.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2003