1994 Ford Aerostar XL 2.8 Litre from North America


A lucky van so far!!


Odometer is not working. Shows error instead.

Has minor problems with head gasket, but will still run.

Windshield needs to be replaced as there is a big crack in the middle from hauling wood.

General Comments:

The van idles very funny and erratically when left on park position, but runs smoothly while driving.

When the brakes are applied while in traffic, the van lurches forward every few seconds.

We've been lucky so far with the transmission.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2002

1994 Ford Aerostar XL E4WD 4.0L from North America


Overall a good van


The transmission has been repaired three times.

The transmission leaks.

The transmission has trouble down shifting.

When you make hard turns, it jerks real hard.

I have $2200.00 tied up in this transmission..

General Comments:

This van even with the transmission trouble is a very good vehicle.

It has enough power for towing, and enough speed for passing.

The XL version has a lot of room for hauling.

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Review Date: 14th August, 2002

1994 Ford Aerostar XL 3.0 from North America


Good Looking!, Right Size!, Economical!, Dependable! GREAT VAN Uncle Henry, You Hit A Home Run!


I just replaced the water pump at 152,000 miles.

The front power windows have been a problem, but it has been the cheap plastic buttons that operate the windows and not the window motors. The buttons crack easily and do not engage the motors properly. I used J.B. Weld to strengthen the plastic buttons and this solved the problem. The channel gaskets in the windows need to be lubricated in order that the windows slide up and down properly. I have had some rust problems in the rocker panel areas below the front doors and on the drivers side down in the lower areas. The paint job is not high quality and I will need to repaint this vehicle in the near future.

I have replaced brake pads periodically on the front disk brakes, but I see this as routine maintenance.

I do have slight irregular shifting in the lower gears of my automatic transmission, but it still shifts reasonably well.

General Comments:

This is a well-designed, roomy van and I love it. It is a pleasure to drive. It holds 7 passengers comfortably and with the rear seats out it can hold an amazing amount of items. It is probably the most versatile vehicle that I have ever owned. The motor (3.0) runs perfectly and my mileage is 22 - 25 on the highway. The interior is well laid out and has quality carpeting and upholstery. The captain seats are very comfortable and the Aero star is a good cruiser on long trips. I do wish that the passenger seat moved back and forth and was not stationary.

Everything works on this van even after 150 K of miles. I am impressed! (cruise control, wipers- (front and back), windshield washers, heater, a.c., radio, power windows, interior lights, etc.)

It has a solid "truck-type" body and is well built with very few rattles. I previously had a Ford van and it was loose, noisy, not economical, bulky, and hard to drive and park. My Aero star is tight, quiet, has good mileage, and is a dream to drive and park.

I also like the looks of the Aero star. With the sloped front windshield and the neat, boxy exterior, it suits my needs perfectly. I am a professional person and I drive my clients around with pride in this vehicle; yet, on weekends I can easily haul 4' by 8' sheets of plywood in my Aero star. After driving this vehicle for some time, I have regained my faith in Ford products again. Thank you Uncle Henry for producing a fine vehicle.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2002

1994 Ford Aerostar XL 3.0 V6 from North America


Piece of junk


No power.

Tranny linkage is sloppy.

Check oil light is on and the dealer can't figure out why.

General Comments:

I will never buy another Ford.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2001

27th Jul 2001, 18:28

I own a '92 Mercury Topaz GS (they were built by Ford and were made the exact same way as the Tempo) and I would never trade it for anything! I love it. And I know someone with an Aerostar too, it's had NO problems whatsoever and it has 500,000 miles on it!! Yours must have been a lemon, but don't give up on Ford because of ONE bad van. Every line of cars has a few lemons. I have never had bad luck with any Ford I've ever owned.