1989 Ford Bronco XLT 5.0 from North America


Best Ford ever built, loved all of mine


It had lots of issues when we purchased it, the intake manifold was leaking. When tearing it down, the manifolds were cracked and we just gave her the 10 yard treatment. Water pumps suck to replace as the bolts seize to the aluminum. First time we used a zaw zaw to work on our car. Did timing chain, water pump, all new gaskets. Had to fix one window actuator and still have the 4x4 actuator motor to do, but she purrs like a kitten and runs great.

General Comments:

This is my third Bronco. I purchased a 95 and had a 94 which I never did anything to. And I just purchased the 89, she has no rust.

It gets about 10 miles to gallon, but the seats just fit around you and room is great. I just love these vehicles.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2009

1989 Ford Bronco Custom 4.9 (302 cui) petrol from North America


A great SUV that does what it's designed to do


Starter motor has had to be replaced a couple of times.

The alternator has been replaced.

As typical with all Broncos of this era, the tailgate is rusting badly. Once my garage is built I will remove the rust and weld in a new piece of steel.

The knob for turning on the headlights keeps falling off the shaft that holds it.

The Air Conditioning needs some replacement parts and re-gassing, but since moving to Ireland and bringing the Bronco with me, I haven't required the a/c so haven't got it fixed.

General Comments:

I bought this Bronco when I was living in the USA. I wanted a typically American vehicle and have had nothing, but fun in it.

It has only let me down a couple of times and that was when the alternator was dying.

It's not very fuel efficient, but that isn't the point when driving a big American SUV. It goes everywhere I want it to. Off-roading in West Virginia to scaring farmers in rural Ireland, it has been a brilliant purchase that I have never regretted.

The only problem I have now is that it doesn't get used as much as I would like. Insurance and road tax in Ireland is astronomical for large engined LHD vehicles.

The interior is spacious and comfortable. However as there are only lap seat belts in the rear, not shoulder seat belts, I don't like to travel to far with my kids in the back as lap belts do not hold child car seats properly.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2006

1989 Ford Bronco Custom 4.9L 6 from North America


Best vehicle Ford made


Rear window broken out, bought it in this condition.

Tailgate and inner springs badly rusted, the guts would "pop" when opened.

Front and rear seals leaking on transmission. the reverse syncro was replaced a couple months before I bought it and it began leaking a week after I bought it. I brought it to the hole on the wall garage (literally, the place was a dump) and the owner looked at it, remembered it being in the garage, admitted that they screwed up on replacement, and refused to fix it.

The brakes were shot, the rear driver side was completely locked, parking brake and all. I just had brand new parts put in and the parking brake works again. I don't know why it was locked. The brake line near the brake cylinder had a rust hole in it and leaked, draining the whole master cylinder.

Water pump has began to leak.

The starter had a rust hole on the top of it when I bought it and was replaced the day after I brought it home.

The solonid went out at 10 at night, leaving me stuck in a Wal Mart parking lot. I replaced it the next day.

The clutch is going out. It was replaced not to long ago, but I believe the hole in the wall garage didn't properly re-align the clutch.

Usual rust around rear wells, bondoed once, bondo has began to crack.

Horrible rust around passenger side door lock.

General Comments:

I love Broncos. This is the first fullsize I personally owned, however my brother had an '88 before me. My truck has 32" knobby tires on aftermarket rims. It handles beautifully and I'm never afraid to go anywhere. I love the spacious inside, however I don't have a headliner and when the rear seat is folded down it has an echo in it. The seats are in good condition, and have been covered with seat covers for I don't know how long. I found a tailgate and window in a junkyard for $100, only the tailgate has a dent in the center and the window won't go down without jumping off the tracks. This is most like caused by the dent and I'm either going to punch it out or get yet another gate.

The clutch has began to slip however. It has a very, very hard time getting up to speed and if I step on it too hard all it does is revvs. The truck won't go over 50 and if I get it into overdrive you smell the clutch burning.

I will replace it however, along with the water pump, and I will keep it until it blows. Then I'll rebuild it. For made a mistake taking these off the road, and hopefully will bring them back.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2006