1989 Ford Bronco XLT 5.8L from North America


Detroit Heavy Metal!


Control Module needed replacement.

Minor problems with the electric window on the driver's side.

Latch on interior console broken.

General Comments:

Very strong vehicle with an excellent turning radius. This is my third Bronco and the full-size Bronco line for me, is the best. I very much enjoy the roomy interior, and as I have long legs, it allows me to be VERY comfortable while driving.

The 4-Wheel drive has never failed me and has been absolutely instrumental in getting me to job-sites far off the beaten path.

The engine is quite strong, and is quite responsive when need be. It also was capable of towing a trailer over mountain passes at good speeds.

I enjoy also the removable canopy, which allows for better gas mileage and more fun in the summer.

While the gas mileage is clearly not the best, the handling, capabilities and general comfort of this vehicle make it a keeper in my book.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2006

15th Mar 2006, 16:24

Well maybe it could be the aerodynamics. You get most of your drag at the rear right angle of the boxy shape, so removing the top could actually reduce that drag I suppose. That is why cars have gravitated to the "boat tail bullet" shape.

1989 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer 5.8L 351 Windsor from North America


Go where you want and do it with style


The original Starter needed to be replaced, no big deal for a 15 year old vehicle.

The original EGR Valve needs to be replaced, just like the way it runs with out it right now.

Oil Dipstick holder needs to be replaced. It has rotted right off the engine and I am not looking forward to fixing this.

Radiator Fluid Needs Flushing, which I just found out about.

General Comments:

I was very fortunate to find this vehicle, it had only 77000 km on the engine when I got it and no rust anywhere on the vehicle.

The Bronco goes anywhere and does it with style. The Bronco handles off road and on road like a dream.

I should of gotten one of these Bronco's years ago.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2004

1989 Ford Bronco from North America


A badly-engineered and poorly-assembled vehicle.


The rear engine seal leaked when the truck was new, fortunately repaired under warranty.

The gas tank rusted from the outside-in from water captured between the scrape plate and the tank. I am on my third tank now. The replacement tanks cost about $600 each, OEM.

The rear window motor mechanism began to fail after about 4 years. I spent several hundred dollars to have it fixed at the dealer, but it still doesn't raise without being assisted by either jogging the direction down and up repeatedly in short bursts, or physically pushing the glass up, which is best done with a person on each side of the glass. The wiring harness that connects the rear gate to the body is subject to wear from flexing and had to be replaced after a few years. This was done by the dealer for about $200.

At about 75,000 miles, the engine began to run very poorly. The problem required the replacement of all six injectors plus the master injector at a cost of nearly $3000. I later learned that routine port cleaning (at about $150 per application) is mandatory for this injection system.

The tail gate rusted out in 2000, due to the fact that there is no adequate drain. The new gate cost $1008 just for the part. I believe the accumulation of water in the tail gate contributed to the electric window motor's poor performance.

Several components in the dash began to rattle when the truck had only 30,000 miles. The dealer did not want to address these issues.

The vinyl seat on the driver side had seam separations after only a few years of daily use, exposing the foam. There was nothing unusual regarding the seat's use, and I believe that any reasonable material and stitching would have held.

A small component failed in the steering column, preventing the ignition key from engaging, after about 100,000 miles, requiring a towing and a $600 dealer repair, mostly for the labor to disassemble the steering column.

General Comments:

This vehicle is a lot of fun to drive. It handles well and especially has a great turning radius. However, it has demanded an unusual amount of repairs for things that normally should not wear out. Of course it has also had a share of "expected" repairs, like a new air conditioner compressor ($2000 with labor), one water pump, two heater cores, two alternators, an overhauled transmission at about 110,000 miles.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2004

21st Aug 2006, 01:43

I doubt the full size came with a V-6... actually I am almost positive they didn't. I believe the reviewer is refering to the Bronco II, and therefore should have posted this review in the appropriate section.

7th Sep 2006, 00:18

If I may correct you. Full Sized Bronco's Did come with the option of a straight six 300 CID. engine. I owned one. I got 14 miles to the gallon with it. The 350 that I have now only gets about 8. I would still have it, but the ignition caught fire and fried the truck.