1993 Ford Bronco XLT 5.0L V8 from North America


The rust almost got me killed


Came with the exhaust leaking and held up by coat hangers.

Fuel pump 2 days after I bought it. Also discovered the fuel tank had a hole in it while having the fuel pump repaired.

Rust. Entire body, frame and suspension were completely shot after 2 months of exposure to road salt. Clearly, this truck was stored outdoors in Western PA all its life.

Belt tensioner snapped in half at about 132,000 miles, and my mechanic needed 3 days to fish the half that detached out of the engine bay.

Ignition was junk. Car started with or without keys.

4wd Lo never worked.

Both front seats were shredded, the armrests were loose, and neither held adjustment.

Inside door handles are weak. 1 broke off, and I almost took out the 2nd one the next day.

Front suspension nearly detached from the vehicle while driving. Skidded off the road, and front end was being held on by a small sliver of twisted metal. Even my mechanic said it wasn't worth fixing any further.

What a waste of custom equipment -- new wheels, tires, visor, CD player, subs, red neon lights, aftermarket keyless entry, glasspack muffler and tinted windows. I'll never buy a Bronco again. I couldn't do anything with the vehicle for fear I'd invest money in another junker. Not to mention fear for my life every time I drive it.

General Comments:

I've driven many beater cars, but this one takes the cake. This was the first time I was actually traumatized by a catastrophic breakdown, to the point of getting a bus pass and swearing off cars with even surface rust.

Engine was too weak for the vehicle's weight. I felt like I was driving a V6, but the gas gauge would remind me it was a V8.

Transmission did not like to downshift without flooring the gas pedal.

Only advantages were hauling capability (with the back glass down and various items hanging out the back, that is) and 4wd traction. That thing was unstoppable in snow and ice. It's a shame I never got to test it off-road before it broke.

Handling was surprisingly close to that of a passenger car.

You can feel every single imperfection in the road surface.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2011

8th Feb 2011, 09:34

An old vehicle with lots of miles in the 'salt belt'. What do you expect?

5th Aug 2011, 12:32

Seriously... This is a poor representation of Broncos in general. The truck is over 17 years old with high miles, in the Salt Belt, and who knows how it was taken care of in years past.

If you're truly looking for a 4x4 on the cheap that isn't a train wreck... Try something like a smaller pick up (S-10, Ranger, Toyota etc...) and try to get one without the rust.

You can get a newer, lower mileage, less beat one for less $$, and there's a ton of cheap after market parts for repair & up-grades. Full size SUV's are just plain more expensive to purchase, maintain, and upgrade.

Basically... Don't try to get a Bronco on a Ranger budget... LOL.

26th Oct 2011, 13:33

Do you look at a car before you buy it? No vehicle out there can stand almost 20 years worth of winter salt.

1993 Ford Bronco XLT 302L. 5.0 from North America


Jeep who?


Rear main seal was leaking and running onto my brakes when I bought it.

ABS light has been on since they replaced the seal.

Makes a clunking sound when starting from a stop while in 4x4.

Rust (cancer) along the back rear wheel wells, and along bottom of the body on sides. More cancer along the bottom of the tailgate.

Rear window does not roll down all the way.

Tailgate does not open. (Probably due to the window not rolling down all the way, or vica versa.)

3 of the 4 speakers sound like crap, the other is blown.

Drivers seat is showing wear because it sits to high, people have to slide in.

When it warms up, it smells of antifreeze. Cause still unknown.

The interior smells like a fart.

General Comments:

This truck is amazing. I first had my reservations about Broncos, but I needed a vehicle since I totalled my Lumina this winter, and the price was right. Despite what problems above, I fell in love with it as soon as I got used to its size!

I'm a big guy and there is plenty of room for my head and my fat gut.

This thing is unstoppable! I had stock tires and suspension on it during the winter and I was able to drive through a 4 foot snow pile on the edge of the road without any hesitation.

Previous owner must have geared it for mileage because it gets around 15 city/20 highway! (This is amazing for a Bronco, but still pretty bad for a vehicle in general.)

Repairs are generally cheap.

It's 6,050 pounds of steel. If I get into another collision, I'll win.

Ground clearance is great. My brother in law has a steep driveway which has a natural spring flowing into it, making it full of ruts and mud. I can get up it, ruts and all with no issues or rub.

Tight turning radius. This monster doesn't need three points to make a u-turn.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2008

9th Sep 2008, 05:43

Jeep who?

Come on now, don't get carried away.

In fairness - I owned a 1970 Bronco (the small one that was more Jeep-like) and although it was great in the snow and got terrific mpg's from its 6 cylinder engine - it was no Jeep.