1993 Ford Bronco XLT 5.0 from North America


A great off-roading truck


Transfer case motor always seemed to have trouble engaging four-wheel drive. Finally, it completely went at 125,000 miles. Cost about $400 to repair.

Water is leaking from somewhere, a lot on the driver side, but not so much on the passenger side.

Rear defroster won't work and nobody can seem to figure out what's wrong.

Exhaust leaks.

Rear main seal cracked... another costly repair.

Anti-lock brakes work occasionally.

General Comments:

This truck is awesome off-road, better than a lot of other trucks I've seen. I'm the person my friends call when they get stuck in the mud or on the beach.

However, the entire truck seems to rattle when you hit a bump. It sounds like the doors are going to fall off and that the dashboard will fall into your lap.

Handles almost as good as a car on the road.

Nice, tight turning radius.

Very loud cabin.

Very roomy, especially with the back seat folded down.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2003

1993 Ford Bronco XLT V8-302 5.0L from North America


Great all around vehicle for your money


My transfer case went out at 86,000 miles. Dealer repaired/replaced without any complaints and it only cost me my $25 deductible.

The bracket that holds the dash on the passenger side has broken twice, causing the dash to rattle and squeak.

General Comments:

I drive this truck daily and only the gas mileage is a problem, at 13mpg.

I have towed everything from a small utility trailer, car trailer, boat, camper and other vehicles, and it handles great.

Other than routine maintenance and repairs (fuel pump, starter, water pump, etc) this has been and will continue to me a wonderful Truck/SUV.

The interior is roomy, but a little hard to get into the back seat if you are of any size.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2003

1993 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer 5.8 liter, V8, 351 from North America


Reliable, Fun, but the gas mileage will get you


Little things have started to break, such as the console lock and door handles, power options, and the arm rest on the passenger side. Other than that... it has held up quite nicely.

The dash rattles a lot when off roading.

General Comments:

Very reliable, safe, comfortable, enjoyable SUV.

The gas mileage is awful!! I'm trying to sell it because I can't afford the gas mileage. I am a 16 year old and I don't make a million dollars a year.

Its very fast with the V8, and its not that loud. I have really enjoyed driving it, but its time for it to go.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2003