1995 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer 302 from North America


A mud-slinging lady magnet


The only thing that has really gone wrong with it is an oil leak in the front pan. It has leaked since I bought it.

Some rust began to come through around 85,000 miles.

The four wheel drive is a little touchy. Sometimes it does not always kick out.

In the winter the gas pedal sticks.

General Comments:

My truck is in near top condition except for a few minor details.

Being an Eddie Bauer, it has extraordinary features including beautiful leather seats. The interior is very comfortable and roomy. Back cargo space is very nice.

One bad thing about this truck is dust settles down in the seals for the back window. This tends to streak on the window when rolling it up.

All together, the Bronco is a wonderful truck to own and I would defiantly buy another.

The new vehicles tend to be very compact and the Bronco gives the driver a wonderful sense of openness.

Sometimes the ride can be kind of bumpy, but not really something to disown it for.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2004

1995 Ford Bronco XLT 5.8L from North America


Excellent first SUV


Water pump started leaking at 103000. Replaced pump for $60.00.

Leather driver seat cracked, had it replaced with new leather, $200.00.

Replaced the front brakes at 107,000.

The plastic in the interior rattles when going over bumps.

General Comments:

Overall, this is a great vehicle. There will be repair cost to any car over 100,000 miles; parts are readily available and inexpensive for the F-series Bronco.

Ride quality is good and it makes excellent highway transportation.

Interior is roomy and the leather is high quality. Perfect size for 4 adults; however, getting into the rear seat is difficult with only 2 doors.

I average 13.8 MPG around town, 17 MPG on back road journeys, and 14.5 on the interstate at 76 MPH.

The engine has sufficient power and torque. Power output is smooth and predictable. The transmission is smooth, but there is driveline slack.

The Bronco has a short wheelbase and can out-turn almost any vechicle.

The last year of production was 1996, and there are very few low mileage units left.

This is an excellent SUV for those with no children and don't mind relatively poor gas mileage in the ever rising petro prices.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2004

1995 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer 5.8 from North America


Buy one if you can afford high gas money


Well, the dashboard rattles often. Most recently I had went over a large pot hole in the road, and the muffler blew off! When the engine is cold and I shift into reverse, the truck makes a small bump motion. I think that is what is slowly messing up the muffler. recently also the flashers do not work! I took them to my local mechanic, and he replaced them for $23.00. But, right after my radiator went totally out. Apparently Ford had a plastic part used for the radiator. That had to be replaced! $400.00. Everything there, and the horrible gas mileage.

General Comments:

Has anybody ever driven a Bronco in the snow? Like approximately 4-5 inches. It totally sucks. Even with 4X4. I am always spinning out, and I seriously don't think it is the tires. But when I am off road, It rocks! The torque is amazing. I loved it.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2004

10th Mar 2004, 18:46

You say 4-5 inches and you had "problems". I have driven my Bronco in 26" of snow with no problem... I have also pulled out jeeps and tahoes... My truck doesn't have a lift or huge tires, but this thing just WORKS!!! I've pulled bigger trucks free on the beach, and this takes some serious muscle... Does it burn gas...YES! Is it a sucker in the snow NO!!! I have a 96' Bronco...I made the post "the last of the real SUV's"...OH YEA...my motor is a 5.8 not a 5.7......

21st Aug 2006, 01:26

Well of course the dashboard is going to rattle, the thing is 11 years old!!! Things do come loose after years of bumps and pot holes, and everything like that.

21st Jan 2009, 22:59

I have 1995 Bronco 5.8 in mint condition, I had picked up my son on my way home, on the freeway in the snow, two semis crashed blocking the freeway. I set there patiently, advised it would take about six to seven hours before the freeway was cleared. As I was waiting I realized I have 4x4 on this truck. The embankment was very steep, but the tow trucks drivers in the area advised my truck could handle the steepness and the deep snow 10' with know problems. Low on gas I took the chance, put her in 4x4 and took the hill. I am sold; the Ford Bronco is awesome!!! The truck performed well!!!

10th Nov 2009, 15:42

I own a 96 XLT Bronco with the 5.8 monster engine. Love it and love it some more.

To get to the point, this rig got me through a pretty nasty snow and ice storm last year. Was pretty impressed, had 32" BFG mud terrains with about 60% tread. Didn't even need snow chains. However when dealing with snow higher than 8 or so inches, I did slide around quite a bit, going about 5-15 mph.

My advice is watch the width of your tires, narrow tires are better than wide tires in the snow. And wide tires are better for mud and sand.

I had 11.5 x 32 inch BFG mud terrains. Will be putting on 10.5 x 33 on this year and hope it might help a bit.

Drive safe and God Bless each and every one, especially our soldiers.

1995 Ford Bronco XLT 5.0 from North America


A convertible truck, my girlfriend loves it!


Firstly, I go to the shop all the time, mostly for maintenance, but its never cheap.

I have never been satisfied with the brakes. Have replaced pads, calipers and rotors. Very expensive because of four wheel drive. Have replaced ABS sensors. Have replaced bearings. All different trips, all cost time and money.

Replaced master cylinder 135000 miles.

Transmission is clunky and unresponsive. Tends to be a trouble spot for Fords. Have flushed automatic transmission fluid twice, it's always dirty.

Bumpers slump.

Electrical problems- probably due to previous owner putting in subs and messing around with electrical.

Paint had already been replaced once. Black fades very rapidly.

Engine is weak, struggles on hills.

Interior integrity is pathetic, dash cracking, squeaks, & rattles. Windows are noisy. Car doesn't look as new as it should.

Rear window switch on tailgate has never worked.

Windows are scratched from rolling up and down.

General Comments:

Takes a licking. I rear-ended a ford explorer with a trailer hitch at about 20-30 mph. Bumper crumpled and a little damage to front, but replaced for 40 bucks, hardly noticeable. No damage to other car.

Top comes on and off easy enough- makes it a great summer car.

Roomy! I've crammed 9 people in the car before. Good for road trips.

Big tough and fairly stable for how tall it is.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2003