4th Apr 2001, 05:06

I've owned three Broncos, two '89's and one 1995. I love them. Very reliable, look like a MAN'S vehicle, and tough. None of them cost me much for repairs, which was a little surprising since they all had 100,000 or more miles on them.

I wish Ford had continued to make them instead of that oversized Expedition.

19th Apr 2001, 19:58

I have owned an 89 Ford Bronco for over a year now. It now has 119,000 miles on it. The only thing I have had to do it replace the battery, $60 dollars at Sam's Club, replace a fuel injector $200.00 (Because I'm a girl, I get reamed) and had a valve job for $1200.00, repairs on the egr valve for $250.00, replace the tires (500.00) and regular oil changes. That's a grand total of $1960.00 Now, there's a power steering fluid leak which is going to cost me $90.00- 300.00. Anyone who uses the excuse that regular maintenance is the key is apparently someone who can fix their own cars, and have a lot of time on the weekends. Its a fun car, but the $20 it takes me to drive 90 miles round trip is a real bummer. I have owned Honda's up until now, all I can say GO HONDA THANK YOU FOR MAKING CARS THAT WORK!

25th Apr 2001, 18:07

I've had Bronco's all my life, starting with my 17th birthday, I have one '70, one '80, two 82's and still have a '70 and an '82.

The most I've ever had to change out are the starters, battery's and a fuel pump. The 70 has 251,000 miles on it and still going strong, it's my daily driver, and yes I do 4x4 every one of them, I live in the mountains and the 70 has a snow plow on it, so goes to show you if you take care of the water, oil, sparks, plugs and normal stuff, they still work!

8th Jun 2001, 19:11

I currently own a 1987 Bronco XLT that I got almost a year ago. I have replaced the battery, put in a lifetime starter, changed the oil to keep up the service, and think it is one of the best trucks I have ever owned!!!

By the way I was able to find it with only 78000 miles.

I replaced the rubber on the doors from JC Whitney. I am planing to use it this year for hunting.

As far as gas mileage goes, it gives me 12 miles to the gallon...

25th Jul 2001, 11:18

Broncos are built like trucks, Ford trucks:Built to last, and built with pride in the USA. So anyone who can't tell a hammer from a lug nut, and has never changed their own oil, go buy a foreign car and drive it till the wheels fall off. If you have pride buy a bronco take it into the woods and have fun. There is no better car out there and not too many 4x4's like it. Take care of 'em there aren't many left.

26th Jul 2001, 08:00

Bronco Busters.

I got a 87 Bronco, and I'm never getting another car for the rest of my life. It's a man's vehicle meaning that if you take care of it, it'll never let you down, so quit busting your Bronco! It's also the most versatile and fun ride one could dream of. The feeling you get climbing behind the wheel of this one will never leave!

I'm in love..


West coast of Norway.

22nd Jan 2002, 23:20

I have a 87 Bronco 4x4 5.0 V8. Got it brand new! No problems at all.

I got over 147k on it, then the transmission went south, along with the transfer-case. I rebuilt the engine for fun at the same time, so it's like new again and still going strong!! I've put over 45k on it since and no problems!! Can't find anything better!!! Ford rules!! Bring back the Bronco Ford!!!

2nd Mar 2002, 16:56

I own a 1987 Ford Bronco XLT, I bought it in March of 2001 with 163xxx miles on it, and now has 178,200 on it. I have to admit I put a lot of money into it, because the previous owners never maintained it like they should have, so I got stuck with fixing it. It is a great all around vehicle, I take it muddin, and it does great. Mine came equipped with the 300 6cyl which is rare, but a great motor, and didn't have any power options, but that's just less to go wrong with it right? But I just wanted to say it has been great, I mean I beat the hell out of it, and it keeps running... good job FORD!!!

19th May 2002, 09:23

One has to remember, although I am currently a Chevy Blazer owner I owned a 1991 Ford Bronco. What you have to remember is that you bought a high mileage truck that you have no idea where it may have gone or what it has done. Spend a little extra to begin with next time and you won't have to spring for all the repairs later. You get what you pay for. My bronco was tough as nails as was my fathers and my uncles. I believe you bought a bad example.

27th May 2002, 20:29

I own a 1984 Bronco 4x4 with the 351 Windsor motor. I've replaced the fuel tank and had a few electrical problems, but at 275,000 I'm not complaining. It's strong, dependable, and without a doubt, the most comfortable truck Ford ever made. I LOVE those captain's chairs, wish I could find a new set for my '84. Anyone know a company making those exact seats?

26th Aug 2002, 08:40

When I was 17, I bought an 1981 Bronco with the 300 1-6 and SROD 4 spd manual for $400. Besides replacing the original clutch (at 170,000 miles, mostly off-road), I never had to do much other than changing the oil. At around the 200K mark, I took it to the shop and tested the compression. Each cylinder tested an average of 170 lbs. I tore the entire truck apart and am now in the middle of a full frame-off restoration including the upgrade to a full race 460 engine and C-6 auto. It now stands around 8ft tall with 38" TSL Boggers on it. I'm 24 now and I just traded my 2000 F-150 in for a 1995 Bronco XLT with the 5.0L. I'll never own anything that doesn't have a Blue Oval on it.

17th Feb 2003, 08:19

Wow. I think you must be doing something wrong. I have a 1981 Bronco that I haven't broke anything major on in 7 yrs. of UP Michigan wheeling. I bought the truck for $150 as a pounder truck. It has outlasted 3 blazers, 5 scouts, and a S-10. It was the cheapest woods beater I bought, and when it tows $20,000 trucks out of the woods, I get the best laugh. Your repair prices seem a little high too. On my 1978 Bronco, I rebuilt the whole thing for around $4600, including the purchase price of the truck. I guess my point is if you plan on beating the truck, learn how to fix it!!!

26th Mar 2003, 23:52

I own a 87 Bronco, and I love it. I bought it in 1997 and is still kicking butt. I recently made it a two seater by welding a wall between the cab and bed. I also put double chrome roll bars behind the cab, it looks really sharp. All I have on it is 31-10-50, BF Goodrich tires. I take it four wheeling all the time and it never let me down. I really beat the crap out of it and it takes it all. The only problems I have ever had with it was I had to change the gas tank, and put a couple rear yokes on it. It has 203,000 miles on it, and it has the original 302 ford engine in it. All I really want to say is Ford, you got the thumbs up on this one, keep building them strong.