14th Oct 2005, 08:12

The above comment is 1/2 right. Last year for the Bronco II (not the big Bronco, which continued through 1996) was 1990, but it was replaced by the Explorer, not the Expedition.

As far as the Bronco II being what new suv's want to be--uh, no. Drive a Bronco II and then drive any late model suv to see how much better the newer ones are in every way.

4th Jan 2007, 17:22

I have owned MANY vehicles over the past 35 years and up to this day my favorite was still my 87 BII Eddie Bauer.

7th Feb 2010, 11:35

I owned an 87 Bronco II XLT 4X4 manual trans. That was the coolest little truck ever. I did a lot of engine work, but nothing that shouldn't be expected from a truck as old as it was.

I sadly traded it in for a 2003 Focus. I wish I had never done that, as the little Bronco II was a lot more fun to drive and own. I am looking for another with the options mine had. It was perfect when I traded it in, only needing a slight repair on the worn seat drivers bottom.

I have seen it in the last few months, and it's owned by some punk kids that have destroyed my old steed.

25th Jun 2011, 21:03

I have owned and driven three Bronco II's. Each one had some problems, but nothing out of the ordinary. If well maintained, the vehicles provide reliable service. Parts are readily available, economical in price, and the engineering of the vehicle doesn't prohibit self servicing the vehicle for repairs.

Currently, I own a well respected brand SUV, which is only five years old. My 87, and 88 Bronco II's would do anything this newer SUV can do, for a fraction of the price.

Not to mention the good fuel economy the 2.9 V-6 delivered when coupled with a manual 5 speed transmission. My Bronco II's did everything from pulling a loaded 1500 lb trailer full of split hardwood down a winding two track in the forest, to cruising down the interstate on a 500 mile straight trip.

I will always respect these great little SUV's, and wonder why Ford dumped them for the heavier Explorer. Imagine the potential of the Bronco II, had Ford equipped it with a small turbo diesel/ combination 6 speed transmission.